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Boy using blocks to do math

Teachers Who Feel Increased Pressure from Evaluation Policies Reduce Teaching Rigor

New research shows novice teachers reduce the rigor of their mathematics instruction the more pressure they perceive from teacher evaluation policies.


UVA Awards Outstanding Teachers, Citing Empathy, Technology and Collaboration

April Salerno, assistant professor in the School of Education and Human Development, was one of 9 professors honored with an All-University Teaching Award.


Students in a reading circle

Kids’ Reading Scores Are Lower. Reading Science Should Guide the Response.

New data shows literacy scores fell during the pandemic. Education professor Emily Solari explains what it will take to recover from these disrupted learning opportunities.


Student working with a computer based classroom simulator

Simulator Provides Students Fail-Safe Opportunities to Teach, Lead, Mentor

The computer-based simulator provides hours of meaningful practice for UVA students training for a variety of professions in education and human development.


Katie MacDonald

Student Profile: Katie MacDonald

For Katie MacDonald, an elementary school teacher in the Dominican Republic, earning her Master of Teaching from UVA has created new opportunities to impact the educational system in her community.


Wooden blocks spell out the word "myths" on a gray background

Debunking Four Common Classroom Myths

In a popular undergraduate course, UVA students explore myths and misconceptions commonly encountered in K-12 classrooms. Professor Jennifer Maeng outlines four myths covered in the course.


Charlottesville Partnership Pioneers New Model for Teaching Computer Science

Teachers, school administrators, researchers and nonprofit leaders in Charlottesville are working together to build a model for how to improve computer science education in elementary schools.


Q&A: Why Classroom-level Data Is a Powerful Tool for Teachers

Education Professor Tonya Moon explains how teachers can leverage classroom assessments throughout the school year to better meet the needs of their students.


Six middle school students work together at a table

When Middle Schoolers Collaborate in Language Diverse Classrooms, All Students Benefit

New findings from Youth-Nex researchers suggest that peer collaboration across language backgrounds is linked to better participation in middle school classrooms and learning for all students.


Great Teachers Are Made in the Smallest Moments

Retiring dean Bob Pianta’s career researching teacher-student interactions turned into a key to unlock effective teaching.


Seven Learning Experiences Get Students Excited About STEM

New research shows that camps and clubs effectively engaging students in STEM subjects are doing much more than providing a series of hands-on activities.


Students on computers

Milestone Reached in Effort to Measure Effective Education Technology

The EdTech Evidence Exchange’s new system will enable teachers nationwide to share what technology works where and why.


Back-to-school 2021: The Need for Trauma-Sensitive Teaching

UVA education professor Tish Jennings shares how classroom practices that prioritize safety and community can help schools meet students’ needs and get them back on track this school year.


Virginia Researchers Map the “EdTech Genome"

The EdTech Genome identifies 10 variables that affect the effectiveness of technology in the classroom.


Small Changes, Big Impact

Two EHD faculty members and one alumna were featured in the UVA Center for Teaching Excellence series highlighting instructors making a big impact with small changes.


Professor Michael Kennedy

Professor Creates New App to Support Teacher Professional Development

Michael Kennedy combined his expertise as a special education scholar and his passion for technology to create a new app designed to improve teaching for special education students.


Students in classroom wearing masks for health protection

What Immigrant Youth Can Teach Us About School, Post-COVID

Researchers studying the impact of disrupted formal learning in American students due to immigration status, chronic health problems or other reasons, offer insight into what comes next for post-COVID education.


What Learning Experiences Prepare Effective Future Teachers?

UVA researchers are studying which elements of teacher preparation programs connect to successful early-career teaching.


UVA Helps Educators Wrestle With How to Appropriately Teach Current Events

A team of faculty and students from the School of Education and Human Development worked with practicing educators to launch a new online resource hub, “Educating for Democracy.”


Professor Sara Rimm-Kaufman

Q&A: Professor Pens Guide for Teaching SEL in Elementary School

In her new book, SEL From The Start, Professor Rimm-Kaufman created a best-practices manual on how to teach social-emotional learning that offers research-based insights in a fun way.