EdWeek Highlights Curry Research on Parent Satisfaction with Preschools


Education Week

Curry research finds parent satisfaction with preschools may not reflect actual quality of education.

Parents Generally Like Their Child's Preschool—And That Can Be a Problem

Parents, it turns out, tend to be pretty satisfied with their child's preschool—even when independent evaluators give those same preschools low marks on measures such as the quality of classroom instruction and how much children are learning, according to a working paper by researchers at the Center on Educational Policy and Workforce Development at the University of Virginia. 

The same dynamic applies to preschool characteristics that aren't necessarily measures of quality, but that can be very important to parents, such as a center's affordability, its closeness to home, its hours of operation, or whether it serves meals. The researchers hypothesized that parents might be happier with centers that offer more conveniences, but those characteristics also didn't appear to relate strongly to parents' overall satisfaction with their child's preschool.