EdPolicyWorks and CASTL Collaborate with DCPS, New Work Highlighted in Ed Reform Article


U.S. News and World Report

New research at DCPS from EdPolicyWorks and CASTL featured in a new article on education reform.

The Next Frontier of Education Reform

What remains to be seen is what evaluations will say about LEAP's effectiveness at improving teaching and learning. Educators and LEAP leaders will use real-time student work and results of formative and summative assessments to measure student learning and identify where students need more support. DCPS has partnered with the University of Virginia to measure success for LEAP in the long-term. Their research questions include, for example, how will teachers' experiences with LEAP be measured? How will high-quality implementation of LEAP be defined and measured? In essence, how will DCPS know that LEAP is working for students, teachers and schools? It may also be worthwhile to measure return on investment, which would involve correlating costs to short- and long-term outcomes for students and educators.