Ed Policy Graduate Student Joins AEI’s 2016 Academy on Education Policy

The American Enterprise Institute (AEI) announced the 2016 Ed Policy Academy participants, including Preston Magouirk, a graduate student in the Education Policy Ph.D Program and a researcher at EdPolicyWorks. This third annual summer institute gives social science, public policy, business, and law graduate students professional development and scholarship opportunities.

Magouirk will join roughly 20 other scholars from across the country in Washington, D.C. in August.

“I’m looking forward to attending the academy and joining the community that grows from it,” said Magouirk. “The exposure to peers from around the country and across disciplines will be invaluable.”

Academy students will spend three full days in classes taught by leading scholars about topics central to education policy, including school choice, teacher quality, and school finance. Participants will also attend a mix of seminars, evening speakers, and cohort-building activities that address pressing questions of education policy.

“These types of cross-disciplinary conversations and educational policy debates inform my perspective as a graduate student and researcher,” explained Magouirk. “Understanding how other scholars think and reason through arguments, helps me develop a scope for the work I’m doing.”

Magouirk’s research examines questions of equity in early educational experiences for low-income students. He is currently examining how parents select early childhood educational programs in Louisiana under the direction of his adviser, Daphna Bassok.

“The policy academy will be a great opportunity for Preston to meet with other grad students and senior scholars coming at big education policy problems from a variety of angles,” said Bassok, associate director of EdPolicyWorks.

“AEI always puts together really engaging, thought-provoking programs,” said Bassok.

With acceptance into the academy, Magouirk will join an elite group of previous participants, including Veronica Katz, another UVA education policy doctoral student, who took part in 2013.

“I feel very fortunate to be offered such an experience this early in my career,” said Magouirk.

Magouirk is also a pre-doctoral fellow in the Virginia Education Science Training (VEST) program sponsored by the Institute of Educational Sciences. He previously received his Master of Public Policy (MPP) from Vanderbilt University.

EdPolicyWorks is a joint collaboration between the Curry School of Education and the Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy. EdPolicyWorks brings together researchers from across the University of Virginia and the State to focus on important questions of educational policy and implications for the workforce.