Deutsch Edits Special Journal Issue Based on Youth-Nex Conference

Professor Nancy Deutsch edited a special two-volume issue based on the Youth-Nex 2014 conference, “Let’s Talk After-School.”  Advances in Child and Family Policy and Practice features chapters written by practitioners, researchers, policy makers, and youth who presented at the event.

The issue seeks to identify promising next steps to support effective policies and practices to improve and expand after-school opportunities for all youth, and especially for those youth whose needs are the greatest.

Vol 1 Integrating Research into Practice and Policy
1. Why After School Matters for Positive Youth Development - K. Pittman
2. Key Components of Engaging After-School Programs for Children and Adolescents - N. P. Dawes, S. Pollack, and G. G. Sada
3. Measuring Youth Participation, Program Quality, and Social and Emotional Skills in After-School Programs - J. A. Fredricks, N. Naftzger, C. Smith, A. Riley
4. Let’s Talk After-School: The Promises and Challenges of Positive Youth Development for After-School Research, Policy, and Practice - N. L. Deutsch,  D. A. Blyth, J. Kelley, P. H. Tolan and R. M. Lerner

Vol 2 Learning from Specific Models
1. Summer Learning Programs: Investigating Strengths and Challenges - G. Hall, K. F. Poston, J. Dennehy
2. Universal Challenges, Specific Contexts: Insights from Looking Within and Across Different After-School Settings - V. A. Futch Ehrlich, et al.
3. Specialized After-School Programs: Five Case Studies - M. K. Levy et al.

Deutsch, N. L., Blyth, D. A., Kelley, J., Tolan, P. H., & Lerner, R. M. (July 2017). Let's Talk After-School: The promises and challenges of positive youth development for after-school research, policy, and practice. In N.L. Deutsch (ed). Advances in Child and Family Policy and Practice. After-School Programs to Promote Positive Youth Development, Vol 1: Integrating Research into Practice and Policy & Vol 2 Learning from Specific Models. SpringerBriefs in Psychology. Springer International Publishing. (July 2017).