Christian Science Monitor and TIME Magazine Feature Youth-Nex Study

The Christian Science Monitor and Time Magazine both highlighted the Compassionate Schools Project curriculum, which is being implemented in Louisville, Kentucky classrooms.

The Compassionate Schools Project is the most comprehensive study ever undertaken of a 21st century health and wellness curriculum. Facilitating the integrated development of mind and body, the project interweaves support in academic achievement, mental fitness, health, and compassionate character.

Read “Louisville’s Experiment: Can Teaching Empathy Boost Math Scores?”
-Christian Science Monitor

Time’s article, “The Mindful Classroom,” can be accessed only with a subscription here, however you may get the article by contacting Youth-Nex. For this permission, contact: Ellen Daniels

The project is comprised of a unique collaboration with private philanthropy, Youth-Nex, the Contemplative Sciences Center, the city of Louisville, and Jefferson County Public Schools. The curriculum was developed with support from the Sonima and Hemera Foundations and the research is supported in part by UVA alumnus Owsley Brown III of Louisville, along with other donors.

More information on the study and the curriculum on the Compassionate Schools Project webpage.