Cav Daily Highlights Ben Castleman's Module to Decrease Incarceration


Cavalier Daily

In an article on UVA's top research advances in the past year, the Cavalier Daily highlights Curry professor Ben Castleman's work on a tablet-based module to decrease incarceration.

A year of research advances at U.Va.

There have been several discoveries made at the University this past year, from the development of a program to reduce reincarceration rates to the discovery of a link between yogurt and mental health. These are a select few of the University’s most recent scientific advancements.


Module to decrease incarceration

Jennifer Doleac, assistant professor of public policy and economics, and Benjamin Castleman, assistant professor of education and public policy in the Curry School, launched a tablet-based module to decrease reincarceration rates. Currently, two-thirds of people released from prison are rearrested within three years. The module asks inmates personal questions so they can receive better guidance during their transition from prison to the outside world.