CASTL Researchers Lead Over 80 Presentations at SRCD

Researchers and graduate students from the Center for Advanced Study of Teaching and Learning (CASTL) are returning from the Society for Research on Child Development (SRCD) biennial conference in Seattle, Washington today.

SRCD is an international, multidisciplinary, nonprofit professional association whose goal is to promote the understanding of child development through research and dissemination. The biennial meeting draws attendees from 53 countries and averages approximately 6500 people.

Over 80 presentations were completed by people or projects affiliated with CASTL. For example, members of the Secondary team at CASTL presented new research findings from their work with adolescents. Chris Hafen (CASTL research scientist) presented a talk entitled “Why Do I Like You: Using Multilevel Modeling to Understand Reciprocal and Unilateral Friendship Nominations” and Erik Ruzek (CASTL research scientist) presented a poster on “Using Multiple Sources to Understand Classroom Environments and their Impact on Student Academic Development.”

Dave Grissmer (CASTL research professor) and colleagues, such as Claire Cameron (CASTL research scientist), led a number of presentations relating to their research on achievement gaps, after-school curriculum, visuospatial processing, and visuomotor skills. A majority of other researchers and graduate students from CASTL also presented their work on advancing the quality and impact of teaching through the scientific study in educational settings from infancy to higher education.

CASTL, along with the Curry School of Education and Youth-Nex, hosted a reception at SRCD. Partners and colleagues were invited and over 200 people attended the collegial celebration.