CASTL Researchers Have Strong Presence at SRCD Meeting

By Rachel Chapdelaine

From March 21-23, faculty and graduate students from the Center for Advanced Study of Teaching and Learning joined researchers from across the globe to share their respective research at the 2019 Biennial Meeting of the Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD) in Baltimore, Maryland.

Work from more than 100 researchers at the University of Virginia was presented at the three-day meeting. Twenty-six CASTL representatives were among those who presented Center research on early classroom experiences and children’s development.

The following CASTL faculty and students participated in a total of 35 sessions at SRCD, presenting 11 posters and 15 papers and serving in 11 chair positions:

1. Astha Agarwal

SURP Student

Presenting Author: Exploring the relations between positive parenting, positive teacher engagement, and emotion regulation in low-income preschoolers

2. Pilar Alamos

Pre-Doctoral Fellow

Co-Presenting Author: Understanding the Bidirectional Associations Between Student-Teacher Relationships and Teachers' Wellbeing

3. Arya Ansari


Presenting Author: Starting Early: The Benefits of Attending Early Childhood Education Programs at Age 3

Presenting Author: Classroom Interactions, Teacher-Child Relationships, and Children’s Early Learning in Preschool

4. Nicole Capobianco

Current Student

Presenting Author: Understanding School Readiness: The Interacting Roles of Behavioral Regulation and Teacher-Child Relationship Qualit

5. Jasmine Castillo

Former SURP Student

Presenting Author: Implicit Bias, Exclusionary Discipline, and Expectations for Students: Does the Teacher-Student Racial/Ethnic Match Matter?

6. Catherine Corbin

Pre-Doctoral Fellow

Co-Presenting Author: Understanding the Bidirectional Associations Between Student-Teacher Relationships and Teachers' Wellbeing

7. Jason Downer


Chair: Examining Children’s Classroom Experiences in the Context of Teacher Mental Health and Access to Supports

Co-Presenting Author: Effects of Professional Development Training on New Teachers and Their Students

8. Chelsea Duran

Former Student

Chair: Infant Regulatory Problems and Developmental Trajectories into Adulthood

Presenting Author: Validation of a Choice Delay of Gratification Measure among Children of Color from Low-Income Families

9. Sierra Eisen

Current Student

Presenting Author: The Role of Parents in Children’s Physical and Digital Spatial Play

10. Shereen El Mallah

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Presenting Author: Early adolescent temperament and indicators of positive youth development: a cross-cultural comparison

Presenting Author: Refocusing the Lens: Qualitative Insights from Diverse Youth on the Operationalization of Prosocial Behavior

11. Yin Gu

Current Student

Presenting Author: Eating Patterns Among Head Start Children: do They Relate to School Readiness Skills?

12. Tara Hofkens

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Chair: Unpacking Associations between Children’s Early Executive Function and Mathematics Skills

13. Ashley Hunt

Pre-Doctoral Fellow

Presenting Author: Engaging All Students in Elementary Science: The Importance of Supportive Classrooms for English Learners

14. Jamie Jirout


Chair: Time Bomb: How the Western Conception of Intelligence is Taking Down Humanity

Presenting Author: Curiosity in the classroom through supportive instruction

Presenting Author: The Impact of Curiosity-Promoting Instructions on Children’s Question Asking

15. Anna Markowitz


Chair: Teacher Wellbeing and Children’s Development in Early Educational Settings

Presenting Author: Teacher Turnover & Child Development in Head Start

16. Shoronda Matthews

Current Student

Presenting Author: What's in a Book? Parents' Views of Traditional Books vs. Books with Electronic Elements

17. Christina Mulcahy

Pre-Doctoral Fellow

Presenting Author: Executive Function and Math: The Protective Role of Working Memory

18. Tutrang Nguyen

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Presenting Author: Theoretical and Methodological Implications of Associations Between Executive Function and Mathematics in Early Childhood

19. Ann Partee

Current Student

Chair: Measuring Early Learning Quality & Outcomes: A Journey from Global Priorities to Local Action, and Back Again

Presenting Author: Coaching in State Preschool Expansion: Effects of Intensity and Focus on Teacher-Child Interactions

20. Bob Pianta


Presenting Author: Teachers’ instructional interaction mediates effects of targeted feedback on students’ school readiness skills

21. Sara Rimm-Kaufman


Chair: Evaluation of Three Curricula Designed to Integrate Social-Emotional and Academic Learning in Classrooms

Presenting Author: The Impact of Connect Science: A Program Integrating Social and Emotional Learning, Science, and Service-Learning

22. Francisca Romo

Current Student

Chair: Impacts of the Climate Crisis on Children and Youth: Roles for Developmental Science

23. Jaclyn Russo

Current Student

Presenting Author: Understanding Young Children’s Self-Regulation Development Through Examination of Experiences in Classrooms and Neighborhoods

24. Khara Turnbull


Presenting Author: Profiles of Electronic Media Use and Expressive and Receptive Language Skills for Low-Income Preschoolers

25. Jessica Whittaker


Chair: Unpacking Associations between Children’s Early Executive Function and Mathematics Skills

Presenting Author: Examining Associations between Executive Function, Classroom Engagement, and Mathematics Outcomes: Does Gender Play a Role?

26. Sarah Wymer

Current Student

Presenting Author: Teachers’ Use of Exclusionary Discipline Practices with Black and White Preschool Students Displaying Disruptive Behavior

For more information or the complete program of the SRCD Biennial Meeting, see the conference website.