Bridget Guy: Higher Education

Record-setting UVA pole vaulter, Bridget Guy, is graduating with an M.Ed. in Higher Education. Photo courtesy of the Virginia Athletics Media Relations Office.

Being named the University of Virginia’s top female athlete of 2019 is the most recent in a long list of accolades Bridget Guy has received during her five-year tenure as a student athlete at the University. As a master’s student in the Curry School’s higher education program, Bridget was also named to the All-ACC Academic Team, set the UVA pole vault record during the NCAA Indoor Championships, and was the first female in UVA history to earn All-American honors in both indoor and outdoor pole vault.

In addition to maintaining an All-ACC Academic Team grade point average during her master’s program, Bridget Guy was juggling the demands of being on UVA’s Track & Field teams with her administrative internship placement for her studies, a requirement for all full-time master’s students in the higher education program.

Bridget served as an intern for the Curry School Foundation, the official fundraising organization of the Curry School. As part of her responsibilities, Bridget took ownership of elements of the stewardship process—acknowledging donors for their gifts in a timely fashion. For Bridget, being a Curry School student helped shape her vision for making an impact after she leaves the University of Virginia.

“When I first enrolled, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do regarding a career path or graduate school,” Bridget said. “However, it wasn't long into my M.Ed. program and my internship at the Curry Foundation that I realized creating impact was at the core of everything this school does.

“This school has left the biggest impact on me by granting me the agency over my education, which is something I value greatly. The opportunity to take ownership to personalize my educational and professional experiences has been so fulfilling. I also feel that this is something unique to Curry.”

Bridget earned her undergraduate degree from UVA’s College of Arts & Sciences in May of 2018.