Alumni Profile: Stephen Geyer

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Full Name: Stephen August Geyer
Program(s): Administration & Supervision
Hometown: Farmington, NY
Graduation Year(s): 2000, M.Ed.; 2007, Ed.D.
Occupation: Assistant Superintendent of Instruction


What initially drew you to UVA?

As soon as I had an inclination that I was interested in transitioning from the classroom to school leadership, I began to explore programs that would best prepare me for success. UVA was an obvious choice based on its reputation and my professional experience with Curry grads who I admired and respected.

What do you think makes the Curry experience unique?

My experience at Curry was composed of an effective balance of instruction delivered by experts in the areas of leadership, research, theory, policy, and design, along with instruction delivered by expert practitioners in the field. These experiences complemented each other beautifully and helped me develop my depth of knowledge along with my pragmatic views of what it looks like to effectively lead in our public schools.

How did your education influence your career path?

My Curry experience reinforced my focus on people: our students, our education professionals, and our families. Developing the ability to view the school experience through the eyes of those we serve is critical to successful leadership.

What was the most helpful aspect of your education?

At the time I was pursuing my Master of Education degree, Curry required a full-year administrative internship; essentially, degree candidates were placed in schools as assistant principals for one academic year. I think most would agree that there’s no substitute for firsthand experience. Having had the opportunity to engage directly in the work every single day, while simultaneously continuing my program coursework during the evening and on weekends, created the richest, most well-rounded learning experience I can imagine.

What advice do you have for a prospective student?

Be sure your primary focus is - and always remains - making decisions in the best interest of students. They deserve it.