2018 IDEA Grant Recipient - Karen Inkelas

ROCA and DOTS: Tools to Improve College Teaching

Abstract: A team of researchers from the UVA Curry School of Education, the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, and the Center for Teaching Excellence are collaborating to develop a suite of digital tools to document college classroom teaching and use the data to inform research on the influence of pedagogy and instruction on student outcomes as well as enhance the work of educational developers in assisting faculty with the improvement of their teaching. This portion of the project will focus on the development of the Real-time Observation of Classroom Activities (ROCA), the primary tool in the digital suite that records classroom activities, moment-by-moment, via a user-friendly application that does not require extensive training of subject matter expertise, and can be used in college classrooms of diverse disciplines and formats. The research team will focus on developing the web-based ROCA application, conducting observations of UVA classes using the ROCA, and analyzing the data for validity and interrater reliability. Successful development of the ROCA and accompanying sets of digital tools (DOTS) will significantly contribute to a more in-depth understanding of college teaching, as well as provide the foundation for the improvement of teaching across Grounds as well as at other universities.