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Faculty Commentaries: 2020

  • Bassok & colleagues: Brookings

    COVID-19 highlights inequities in how we treat early educators in child care vs. schools, with Anna Markowitz and Molly Michie

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  • Pianta & Epstein: Hechinger Report

    Fixing education during the pandemic means fixing an uneasy relationship with technology

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  • Weltman: The Conversation

    If sitting at a desk all day is bad during coronavirus, could I lie down to work instead?

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  • Deutsch, Dickerson and others: Washington Post

    Three years later, Charlottesville looks to educator Benjamin Tonsler’s legacy

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  • Solari: The 74

    To Stem the Nation’s Reading Crisis, Made Worse by COVID-19, Teachers, Districts & States Must Push Multiple Levers

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  • Schueler: Education Next

    Summer “Vacation Academies” Can Narrow Coronavirus Learning Gaps

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  • Adams-Bass: In The Know Blog

    Black American Parenting During the CoViD-19 Crisis

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  • Moore and Hill: Phil On Ed Tech

    Planning for Resilience Not Resistance

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  • Solari: Inside Higher Ed

    We Should Support Our Vulnerable Colleagues: Now, more than ever, we should consider those who are already in precarious positions within the academic structure.

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  • Deutsch: Cal Matters

    California’s law letting teenagers sleep an extra hour was a good first step. Now, Legislature should adopt an ‘agenda for adolescents’

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  • Bassok & Markowitz: Brookings Institute

    The value of systemwide, high-quality data in early childhood education

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  • Deutsch, Gillespie: AMLE Blog

    Making Middle School a National Priority: The latest science tells us why now and even how to do it

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