New Students FAQ - Online

  • Where do I send my transcripts?

    Your transcripts should have been submitted along with your application to the School of Education and Human Development, but if you need to resubmit for any reason you can do so at the Office of Admissions and Student Affairs, located in Ridley 102 or email Sheilah Sprouse with inquiries.

  • Who is my advisor?

    At the School of Education and Human Development, advisors are program-specific. To view your advisor, log into Student Information System (SIS), navigate to Enrollment, and then Advisor Information.

  • What is SIS and why is it important?

    SIS is the Student Information System and UVA’s official system of record. SIS is used to house all of your academic and enrollment information. You will use SIS to enroll in your courses as a UVA student. We recommend you start familiarizing yourself now with SIS by watching these videos. The SIS Help Center can be found here.

  • How do I check my UVA email?
  • How do I know what my student ID number is?
  • What is Canvas? How can I learn more about it?

    Canvas is the Learning Management system for the School of Education and Human Development. Other schools at UVA continue to use the Collab learning Management System. For example, if you are taking a class with the College of Arts and Sciences, you may need to still access Collab.

    Access Canvas and get oriented. You will need your Netbadge credentials to log in.

  • Who is the Education Online and Canvas Support team?

    The Education Online and Canvas Support team supports all teaching and learning activities which occur in online spaces. This includes, but is not limited to:

    • Support of the Canvas learning management system;
    • Support of Zoom web conferencing;
    • Support of online students from initial program inquiry to graduation;
    • Support of faculty using online tools for fully online, hybrid or face to face courses; 
    • Our team includes:
    • Jenny Quarles: Director of Online Initiatives
    • Dave Stoops: Senior Instructional Designer
    • Ashley Caudill: Senior Instructional Designer
    • Bernadette Poerio: Online Student Support Specialist
  • What support systems do I have access to as an online student?

    Bernadette Poerio joined the online team as an online student support specialist, and she can query your questions and concerns. Email Bernadette or call her at 434-243-8666.

  • How can Off Grounds and Online students get involved?

    Online Student Support Specialist Bernadette Poerio manages an online community space within the School of Education and Human Development’s Learning Management System, Canvas. In this space you can access events and programming.

  • What kind of technology do I need to have as an online student?

    PC Minimum Hardware Requirements:

    • 256 MB RAM
    • 1 Ghz Processor
    • 25 Gb Hard Drive
    • Reliable Internet Connection
    • Windows 2000
    • Virus Protection
    • Latest Operating System Patches
    • Laptop Speakers/Headphones

    PC Recommended Requirements:

    • 512+ MB RAM
    • 1.2+ Ghz Processor
    • 25 Gb Hard Drive
    • High Speed Internet Connection
    • Windows XP Service pack 2 or higher
    • Headset/microphone combo
    • CD or DVD/RW Drive or USB drive for backups


    Mac Minimum Hardware Requirements:

    • 256 MB RAM
    • 500 Mhz Processor
    • 25 Gb hard Drive
    • Reliable Internet Connection
    • Mac OS X
    • Virus Protection
    • Latest Operating System Patches
    • Laptop Speakers/ Headphones

    Macintosh Recommended Requirements:

    • 512+ MB RAM
    • 1.2 Ghz Processor
    • 25 Gb Hard Drive
    • Mac OSX.3.6 (10.3.6)
    • Headset microphone combo (mac computers require a USB connection for a microphone)
    • CD or DVD/RW Drive or USB drive for backups


    Software Requirements:

    • Microsoft Office 2007+
    • Adobe Reader
    • Macromedia Flash
    • Windows Media
    • Real Player
    • QuickTime


    Web Browsers:

    Google Chrome is the preferred Browser for Canvas. Safe browsers include Internet Explorer and Firefox for PC and Safari and Firefox for Mac.

  • What does synchronous vs. asynchronous vs. hybrid mean?

    Synchronous: Students and instructor participate in an online class at the same time, using the web conferencing platform Zoom.

    Asynchronous: A class that is facilitated over the internet but does not require video conferencing lectures.

    Hybrid: A combination of in-person classes with an online component.

  • What should I do if I require technical help?

    Synchronous classes: Some synchronous online classes have Zoom Support Specialists for specific technical issues. These are people who attend the class and are there specifically to address technical issues. Your instructor will inform you if your course has a Zoom Support Specialist.

    Asynchronous classes: if you have an issue within Canvas, you can navigate to the Help tab on the Canvas menu.

    24/7 Canvas Student Help line: (877) 404-4098

    School of Education and Human Development Specific Canvas Help Line (Education Online and Canvas Support Team phone number): 434-924-0839

    Help with email and other login issues: ITS, 434-924-4357

  • How are online courses different?

    There are no major differences between online classes and face to face classes. Students of our online degree programs graduate with a University of Virginia qualification, just like their on-Grounds peers. However, being an online student means that you are taking more ownership of your classes and communication with your peers and faculty. Because you won’t have the structure of regularly meeting face-to-face, it is important to reach out to faculty, peers or student support if you are encountering any questions, problems or technical issues.

  • How do I access the research database and library?

    Directions for UVA Anywhere, demonstrate how to access UVA libraries and database remotely.

  • As an online student do I get to participate in graduation exercises?

    Yes! As a student who has a degree conferred you absolutely participate in graduation exercises.