Mindfulness in Education at Curry

Mindfulness_Body1.jpgOver the past decade, there has been a growing interest in applying mindfulness-based approaches in education to reduce stress and promote well-being. Research is beginning to confirm the efficacy of these approaches. The Curry School is the first major school of education to offer a series of courses on mindfulness in education informed by cutting edge science. These courses are intended to prepare professionals to apply mindfulness to their work with adults and children in school settings and other occupational settings that involve helping others.


  • EDIS 3012: Mindfulness in Health and Human Development

    Mindfulness in Health and Human Development is designed to integrate cutting edge science with practical applications for students preparing to work in caring professions. Evidence has shown that mindfulness can give us an edge in supporting our own well-being and our ability to provide support for others. As a student in Mindfulness in Health and Human Development, you will gain a solid foundation in the interdisciplinary field of interpersonal neurobiology and the scientific study of mindful awareness and compassion practices.

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  • EDIS 4012 : Advanced Mindfulness in Health and Human Development

    Advanced Mindfulness in Health and Human Development is designed to further build skills and knowledge learned in EDIS 3012 and to prepare students to lead and teach mindful awareness practices to others. Research on mindfulness-based interventions is confirming their value for supporting both physical and mental health. As a student in Mindfulness in Health and Human Development, you will gain a solid foundation in the science, pedagogy and teaching methods associated with evidence-based mindful awareness practices. 

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  • Mindfulness for Teachers — EDIS 5012 (Online Course)

    Teaching is one of the most rewarding professions, but it can also be one of the most stressful. Mindfulness for Teachers will introduce students to a series of evidence-based practical skills that will help them cultivate the inner resources needed to support their students' social, emotional, and academic growth.

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  • Teaching Mindfulness in School — EDIS 5013 (Online Course)

    This course introduces the knowledge and skills teachers need to introduce mindful awareness practices to students in pre-K-12 school settings. Reviewing the latest research, students will learn effective strategies for teaching mindfulness to children and teens. Applying instructional design questions, students will design a series of lessons that are developmentally and culturally appropriate for their students.

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  • The Trauma-Sensitive Classroom - EDIS 5014 (online course)

    This course introduces the knowledge and skills teachers need to support students exposed to chronic stress and trauma. Students will learn about the effects of trauma on body and mind, and how to recognize them in students' behavior. They will be introduced to a variety of evidence-based classroom practices that support students' healing, build their resilience, and foster mindfulness and compassion in the classroom.

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