Metformin Exercise Study

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What We Do

Our study will look at the role of exercise intensity training for 16 weeks, with or without metformin, in people with metabolic syndrome. We will screen all people to see if they qualify and measure: fitness, body composition, vascular health and blood flow as well as energy metabolism to better understand the optimal treatment plan to prevent disease progression. 

Individuals with metabolic syndrome are at high risk for type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.  The ideal exercise prescription for these individuals, however, remains unclear. In addition, it is unknown if people taking medication during an exercise training program have different health responses compared with people exercise alone. This question is really important given that several people with metabolic syndrome are recommended to take medicine to reduce disease risk. We are particularly interested in metformin interactions with exercise, since it is the most commonly prescribed medication to regulate blood glucose levels.

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Applied Physiology of Exercise Laboratory

The goal of our research is to combine physiological, biochemical and behavioral approaches to understanding the role of exercise, diet and pharmacotherapies on health and athletic performance.

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