A Legacy for Future Generations of Educators

Donors Susan Tieger (M.Ed. ’72) and Ralph Nurnberger

“The Curry School of Education was not only a wonderful place to go to graduate school, it changed the entire course of my life,” says Susan Tieger (M.Ed. ’72).

After earning her master’s degree in special education, Ms. Tieger moved to Arlington, Virginia, where she taught for 35 years. The knowledge she acquired at U.Va. enabled her to provide high-quality education to her students during the course of her teaching career.

When she retired in 2007, Congressman Jim Moran (D-VA) honored her career by placing a tribute to her into the Congressional Record. After noting that she had touched and improved the lives of hundreds of children and their parents, the Congressman stated, “Susan Tieger is the epitome of a dedicated, caring and hardworking public school teacher.”

Her husband, Ralph Nurnberger, received his master’s degree in history from Columbia University, and then taught high school social studies on Long Island for four years.

After earning his Ph.D. from Georgetown University, Dr. Nurnberger pursued a successful career in public affairs, including service on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, as a Senior Fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies and as the executive director of Builders for Peace. This organization was established in 1993 to assist the Middle East peace process through economic development in the region. For the past eight years, he has been affiliated with Gray Global Advisors.

Although he had a full-time career, Dr. Nurnberger also taught history and international relations at Georgetown for 38 years. In 2003, he received the Excellence in Teaching Award from Georgetown’s Graduate School of Liberal Studies.

Given their lifelong commitment to teaching, it is not surprising that Ms. Tieger and Dr. Nurnberger have been long-time supporters of the Curry School. They have contributed to the Annual Fund for many years.

A few years ago they also made a bequest to an unrestricted endowment fund designed to benefit the Curry School. When the bequest is realized, distributions from the fund’s income will generate a consistent, reliable stream of support that can be counted on annually. Because the fund is unrestricted, they are giving the Curry School’s leaders the freedom to decide how best to direct the income to help students.

They provided two main reasons for their generous support:

First, Ms. Tieger received an excellent education at Curry, one that enabled her to have a successful career.

Second, and even more important, they want to ensure that many future potential teachers will have similar opportunities to enhance their own skills and abilities, which can then be used to teach many more generations of students at all levels of education.

“There is a never-ending need for quality teachers,” Ms. Tieger says. “We hope that our contribution will both encourage others to seek careers in education and also provide the means to enable the Curry School to ensure that future teachers will have the tools they will need to be effective in their own classrooms.”

If you have included or plan to include the Curry School in your will or estate plans, please contact the Curry School Foundation and let us know.

Story by Lynn Bell