Katherine Leigh

Director of Simulation Innovations and Applications

  • MEd, University of Virginia, 2014
  • BS, Texas Christian University, 2008

Katherine Leigh oversees the vision, implementation, and continuous improvement of the EHD Simulation Lab, an innovative mixed-reality simulation training platform, with the aim of accelerating teacher proficiency in equitable, sustainable, and rigorous instructional practices. She is a third-year doctoral student in the Curriculum & Instruction program at the University of Virginia. Before entering her doctoral studies in 2019, she spent five years teaching lower elementary at a large, public school in Texas and five years teaching upper elementary at a small, independent school in Virginia. Her research interests include the intersection of equity, social justice, and diversity in education; helping teachers become anti-racist by identifying and breaking down their biases; and using simulated encounters to develop the understanding and application of anti-racist beliefs and practices.