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Walter Herring is an IES pre-doctoral fellow in the Education Policy PhD program. He holds an MPP from the Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy and a BA in Public Policy from Stanford University. Prior to enrolling at UVA, Walter worked as an Algebra 1 teacher in his hometown of Dallas, Texas, and later as a data analyst for an education non-profit in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Walter’s research explores how policymakers can leverage emerging data in grades K through 2 to better support students in the early elementary years. His current projects assess (1) how stakeholders can combine data in the early grades with predictive analytics to more accurately identify children for literacy intervention and (2) how school’s contributions to students’ test scores differ in the upper and lower elementary grades. You can learn more about Walter and his interests at

Faculty Advisor: Daphna Bassok

Working Papers

  • Herring, Walter, Daphna Bassok, Anita S McGinty, Luke C Miller, and James H Wyckoff. “Racial and Socioeconomic Disparities in the Relationship Between Children’s Early Literacy Skills and Third-Grade Outcomes: Lessons from a Kindergarten Readiness Assessment.” Manuscript available upon request.

  • Herring, Walter. “Better Data, Better Decisions? Using Widely-Available Information to Improve Literacy Intervention Identification.” Manuscript available upon request.


  • McGinty, Anita S, Allison Gray, Ann Partee, Walter Herring, and Jim Soland (2021). “Examining Early Literacy Skills in the Wake of the COVID-19 Spring 2020 School Disruptions: Virginia Fall 2020 Statewide Screening Findings and Implications.”

  • Bassok, Daphna, Walter Herring, Anna J Markowitz, and Laura Bellows (2021). “Professionalizing the Child Care Workforce through Credentialing: Lessons from Louisiana’s Early Childhood Ancillary Certificate.”

Recent Awards and Honors

  • NWEA Kingsbury Research Award (2020)

  • IES Pre-Doctoral Fellowship – Virginia Education Sciences Training (2020)


  • Education Policy (University of Virginia, Undergraduate) – Co-instructor with Dr. Beth Schueler, Fall 2019

  • Foundational Skills Workshop in Stata (University of Virginia, Graduate) – Teaching Assistant with Dr. Daphna Bassok, Fall 2018

  • Algebra 1 (WW Samuell High School, 9th Grade) – Teacher, 2013-2015


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