Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds & Driving Safety Research Study

How Does Fitness Affect Mental Function and Driving?

Researchers are recruiting 100 students from Albemarle High School who anticipate securing their independent driver’s license in the near future. Here are details of the IRB-HSR approved study.

In cooperation with the Albemarle High School Driver Education Program, researchers at the University of Virginia Health System are investigating how physical fitness may be related to mental function and safe decision-making in life and behind the wheel. This study will use state-of-the-art physical fitness testing and virtual reality driving simulation to investigate relationships between physical fitness, cognitive function, and safe behavior in life and on the road.

We are looking for people who:

• Are ages 15-17

• Have obtained a learner's permit but not yet received a full driver's license

• Are interested and able to participate in 2 sessions, one week apart and one additional follow-up session after their first 6-months of independent driving*

* Participants will also receive and respond to an online questionnaire twice per month during the first 6 months of independent driving.

• Eligible participants may receive up to $208.00 compensation for this study.

For more information: Call study coordinator, Ann Lambert at 434.982.6754 or email: [email protected]

Principal Investigator: Daniel J. Cox

University of Virginia IRB-HSR #15982