Network Printing at EHD

New Print Management System

The School of Education and Human Development is implementing a new print management/billing system for all networked printers and copiers in order to align billing with printing and copying activities. Printing and copying to all network printers/copiers that are under contract with UVa’s Printing and Copying Services (PCS) will be billed to departments on a monthly basis. Printing to network printers, including those in offices and other departmental locations, will be tracked to help manage printing and support costs, although billing will not be turned on for these printers unless requested. Finally, scanning will also be tracked by the system and scans assigned to accounts, but there is no charge for scanning.

Phase 1 is the process of preparing all School of Education and Human Development computers for print billing. For this, we need your help.

What Do I Need to Do Now?

The most important thing to know about the following steps is that this is a one-time process for each computer that you will use to print to the networked printers and copiers.

  1. Setting up your computer for the new print management system takes two steps, installing PaperCut’s print management software, and adding two printer queues, one for black-and-white printing and one for color. If your department has a networked laser printer, you may use the instructions below to install that as well.
  2. Since the process is different for Apple Mac computers and Windows computers, we've created two separate web pages to use. Select the one that is appropriate for your computer:
  3. Congratulations!! You have installed all of the pieces that you need to print using the new print management system! Give yourself a big pat on the back, take a break, and/or a deep breath, then continue on to the next section to learn about the additional steps this system adds to the printing process.

How Do I Print Now?

Any print management system that is used for tracking printing, and its associated costs, creates additional steps for users. Here are the steps to print to the network copiers now:

  1. From your software application, print as you normally would.
  2. The PaperCut client pops up. Select the shared account to which you want to bill this print job. The system defaults to showing the last account you selected. Click the Print button. Note that you will only see accounts which you are authorized to use.
  3. Release your print job. This is done one of two ways:
    • Go to the copier where you want to print, swipe your UVa ID card or login manually and release your print job;
    • Go to the PaperCut Release web page to release your print job.
  4. Thank you for your patience with this process! You now have everything you need to print to the new copiers and, if you have proceeded through all of the above steps with no problems, you have successfully printed something using the new system! While this process has been a bit painful, you are now helping the School of Education and Human Development to get a good handle on its printing costs and to reduce waste for the University as a whole! In return, we are doing our part to provide you with newer, more up-to-date copiers that have better functionality and with reduced downtime.
    Continue reading to learn about new functionality we will be adding in the near future and to learn more about printing guidelines, our recommendations regarding desktop printers, and what to do if you need to print very large print jobs. Keep in mind that PaperCut is a very robust, very powerful system that we can readily adjust to meet changing printing/copying needs at the School of Education and Human Development. If you have ideas about new functionality you'd like to see, please feel free to let us know.

Printing Guidelines at the School of Education and Human Development

Notes about printing/copying in general:

  • University policy prohibits duplication or replication of copyrighted materials without express authorization and consent of the author or owner of the copyrighted material.
  • The print system is available to current staff, faculty, and student employees with active Eservices accounts. 
  • Users are encouraged to save their work prior to printing.
  • Connection to the Eservices network domain is a necessary prerequisite for using the print system.
  • Tampering with or intentionally damaging equipment is prohibited. Report all problems with network printers and copiers to the School of Education and Human Development's Educational Technologies Office (ETO) at 924-7086.
  • Users are not permitted to use specialty paper for printing, unless it is within the specifications for the printer. If you are unsure, contact the ETO at 924-7086. All printouts come standard, 8.5 x 11 inches, unless the specific printer/copier supports other sizes. Please specify the correct paper size in the application from which you are printing.

Desktop Printers

Desktop printers are highly discouraged due to the total cost of ownership and the typically high printing cost of using such printers. When you factor in the cost of the printer, paper, and support costs, cheaper printers usually do not make very good economic sense.

Some might claim that the content of what they print is highly sensitive and shouldn’t be seen by just anyone who happens by a publicly placed printer. The PCS printer/copiers used by the School of Education and Human Development are configured by default to use SecurePrint. This means that your print job is held in a print queue until you release it. This way, there's little risk of somebody else getting access to confidential and/or sensitive information that you print. If you are required to print documents with Social Security Numbers (SSNs) on them, or if you print a high volume of highly sensitive material, you should consult with the Educational Technologies Office (ETO), 924-7086, about your special printing requirements.

To re-emphasize the point, the use of desktop printers is highly discouraged. If you feel you have justifiable reasons for using one, you should consult with the ETO first to determine the best print/copy solution for your needs.

Large to Very Large Print Jobs

Printing jobs on the network copiers is limited to a maximum of 125 pages to keep from over-working the copiers and to ensure availability of the copiers for other users. If you need to print larger print jobs, you should send your document, with printing requirements, to the School of Education and Human Development Copy Center to be printed on the large copier there. Copy Center employees will need 24 hours lead time on any such jobs to ensure they have enough time to print your job(s) properly.

To request a print job be processed by the print center, please complete a work order through the ETO work order system, https:/, attaching the document to the work order. Selecting the Problem type of “Printing Services”, will allow you to provide additional details regarding the print job, such as quantity, and options such as stapling that are needed. Alternatively, you can submit such a request by the usual means of contacting the ETO, found on the ETO main web page. Please note that the copy center is designed to reproduce large quantity copies of documents, not specialized printing such as photographs, posters, etc. Specialized printing can be done either at one of PCS’s copy centers or at any other local business that can perform the required printing. Remember to allow at least 24 hours’ notice on these print requests.