EHD Curriculum and Program Review Committee (EHD-CPRC)

Committee Charge

  1. As a standing committee of the School of Education and Human Development that acts in conjunction with the Faculty Council and Dean, this committee is the faculty body responsible for approval, monitoring and oversight of academic offerings (i.e., courses, programs, majors, minors, and degrees). Specifically,
    • The committee will approve faculty-initiated proposals for new courses and will review faculty-initiated proposals for new majors and minors in the School of Education and Human Development before sending such proposals to the full faculty for approval.
    • The Committee will work closely with the appropriate Associate Deans and with the Assistant Dean for Undergraduate and Master’s Programs to develop academic plans that align enrollment projections with planned student recruitment, budgets, faculty workload and hiring plans, and will summarize results and make recommendations in an annual report to the Faculty Council and Dean.
    • The Committee will monitor semester course enrollments and evaluation data (student reports, website forums, accreditation reports, or other available assessments) on academic offerings and summarize those results in the annual report (timetables to be coordinated as needed).
    • The Committee will work closely with the appropriate Associate Deans, department chairs and program coordinators to plan and execute regular academic program reviews, including those associated with accreditation.
    • The work of the Committee should always reflect the School of Education and Human Development’s commitment to ensuring that both content and course enrollments focus on leveraging difference and diversity.
  2. The CPRC makes recommendations to Faculty Council and/or the Dean.
  3. The committee will consist of two members selected from each department by the Faculty Council and Dean to serve two-year staggered term as well as one student representative who will serve for one year. The chair of the committee, as appointed by the Dean and Chair of Faculty Council, will serve for one calendar year of a two-year term on the committee.

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