Meet with Research Administrator

Once you intend to pursue a specific funding opportunity, arrange to meet with the School of Education and Human Development's Research Administrator to discuss your plans. She can help you draw up a timetable for completing specific proposal components based on the sponsor's deadline and the complexity and scope of your proposal. In the last few years, the School of Education and Human Development faculty and students have submitted between 125 and 160 proposals annually for external funding. It is critical that the Research Administrator know your plans well in advance of the deadline so that she can schedule the resources needed to ensure that your proposal is complete, accurate, and submitted on time.

The Research Administrator will help you formulate a budget and can provide assistance with - or advice on - all of the non-scientific components of your proposal (e.g., biosketches, resources). All sponsors provide some level of guidance on content and formatting. Sometimes these guidelines are part of the call for proposals; sometimes guidance is provided in separate documentation. There was a time when proposal preparation guidelines were revised perhaps twice in a decade. As sponsors have moved from paper-based guidance to web-based dissemination, change has become commonplace.  You are well-advised to check early in the planning stages of your proposal to ensure that you are following the most up-to-date instructions.

Verify you have completed your CITI COI training, OSP requires COI certification for proposal submission. PDF directions can be found here.