Resources and Environment

Sometimes sponsors will want included in proposals descriptions of the various facilities and resources available to your project and the environment in which your project will be conducted. They need to be sure that your institution has what it takes for your project to be successful.  We have seen a very wide range of 'facilities/resources and environment' statements but very little guidance about their content.  Let common sense and the nature of your project be your guide.  As a simple example, if your research requires specialized equipment and you have not included this equipment as a direct cost in your budget, you will need to discuss how you will access this equipment.

Writing the resources and environment section of proposals has become easier as more and more information is available on the web.  Following are links to UVA-related information that is frequently included in proposals:

This office is occasionally asked for boilerplate descriptions of facilities and resources.  This section should always be specific to your proposal, particularly for those sponsors who have already provided us with funding and are familiar with the University of Virginia, e.g., NIH, NSF, and the U.S. Department of Education.  However, if you are submitting a proposal to a sponsor new to UVa, you can use this document as your starting point.


last revised 1/4/2011; mbl