Subcontract Proposals

TO the University of Virginia:

When another organization asks UVA to participate as a subcontractor in a proposal that they are submitting, we must circulate our subcontract proposal through the normal channels before sending it to them.  The contents of our subcontract proposal will vary depending upon what the sponsor and the lead institution need, but generally will consist of:

1. an institutionally signed letter agreeing to the collaboration and specifying basic items such as the principal investigator, the project title, project period, and amount of the subcontract;

2. a paragraph or two describing the scope of the services to be performed at UVA;

3. a budget, by year, for our subcontract expenses; and

4. a budget narrative.

Other items that the lead institution may request are:

5. an updated biosketch and current and pending support for all named senior/key personnel in our budget; and

6. a copy of our most recently negotiated indirect cost rate agreement (also sometimes referred to as a NICRA).

 The required items are then sent through Curry and the Office of Sponsored Programs under cover of a goldenrod form.  When the institutional letter is signed, the Research Administration office will take care of sending the subcontract documents to the lead institution in whatever form they need, either original copies or as a scanned .pdf file, or both.

You are always free to work with the lead institution on the scientific narrative as long they wish, but they will usually want our signed package no less than two weeks ahead of the sponsor's deadline.


ISSUED BY the University of Virginia

We will need to have from the subcontracting institution the same items listed above, no less than two weeks before the sponsor's deadline, and preferably earlier than that if possible.  This is because we cannot finalize our budget until we have final figures from all subcontractors.  Items such as biosketches and the NICRA can always be sent ahead of the signed package.  If you want to issue a subcontract in excess of $10,000 to an organization that is NOT a public institution of higher education or a non-profit entity, then you'll have to also prepare a sole source justification for choosing this subcontractor.  This is not an onerous process; see the form here.