Office of Research Administration News

Writing an effective NIH "K" application

NIH posted a new video by Dr. Kay Lund, Director of the Division of Biomedical Research Workforce, that gives some great tips on writing an effective "K" application. This is targeted towards junior investigators and those who assist them in preparing the scientific portions of the applications. (posted 2/3/2021)

Resource Tools and Reference for Research and Research Administration

Every fall we hold an orientation session geared towards new and junior faculty focused on research administration. The slides from last November's meeting are available on Box, as well as a short one-page description of the School's Research Resources.

Signature Authority on Proposals

Catherine Thompson now has the authority to sign off on and submit proposals, progress reports, and other pre-award documents from the School of Education and Human Development, instead of them being routed to the Office of Sponsored Programs for submission. We are still requesting that complete proposals be routed 5 business days in advance of the sponsor deadline to allow for a quality review. Please continue to work with your local research administrator as you always have to prepare your proposal. If you do not know who your local research administrator is, please contact Catherine Thompson. (posted 11/4/2020)

Procedure for the Sharing of F&A Costs in Sponsored Awards

The University encourages the submission of collaborative proposals that include personnel from multiple schools and academic units. This procedure establishes a standardized method of sharing F&A to ensure each unit's project costs are recovered in sponsored activities and that key decisions about F&A are made prior to proposal submission. For proposals that include multiple PIs/Co-PIs/PDs, individual budgets will be created internally for each project component led by a PI/Co-PI/PD. Individual budgets will also be created for Co-investigators when they lead a substantial portion of the project, their effort is at least 5% per budget period, and their assigned portion of the budget is at least $10,000 in direct costs (excluding cost-share). Questions can be directed to your local research administrator or Catherine Thompson. (posted 11/13/2020)

F&A Cost Recovery

Effective January 1, 2020 the School of Education and Human Development issued an updated policy on F&A cost recovery for grants and contracts with no or reduced F&A. For budgets where the total cost (direct + indirect) is $100,000 or more including all years, and where the sponsor's F&A rate is less than 25%, it is necessary to build in administrative costs as a direct charge (unless specifically prohibited by sponsor policy or guidelines) to target a recovery rate of at least 25% F&A. The policy details suggested administrative costs and sample wording for budget narratives. Questions can be directed to your local research administrator or Catherine Thompson. (posted 11/4/2020)

School Renaming Approved

On September 11, 2020 UVA's Board of Visitors approved renaming the Curry School of Education and Human Development to the University of Virginia School of Education and Human Development. The School's Office of Communications & Marketing has updated templates and branded materials that you can download, including letterhead and PowerPoint templates, email signatures, logos, and more. As you are working on your proposals, you should also update the School name in your biosketches and CVs, and your profiles for (for IES and other sponsors who use Workspace), (for NSF's Fastlane), eRA Commons (for NIH's ASSIST), SciENcv, and any other sponsor website you typically apply to (like the Spencer Foundation, WT Grant Foundation, etc.). Particularly for the federal sponsors, the information in your profile automatically feeds into the standard form pages for your application.

IES Summer 2020 deadline information

On July 23, 2020 Catherine Bradshaw and Catherine Thompson hosted a Zoom session on tips and strategies for finalizing your IES submissions for the August 2020 deadline. A recording of this session is available. The slides, templates, and solicitations are available on UVaBox. (posted 7/30/2020)

Rates Update

The Office of Sponsored Programs received notice that our current F&A Rate Agreement has been extended through FY2023. The Fringe Benefit rates contineut to be applicable through FY2021. The latest rate agreement can be found on the rates section of OSP's website. (posted 7/30/2020)

OSP Releases Statement on Research Administration Restructuring

After considering best practices, school feedback, and engaging in a thorough and thoughtful review we have agreed to move the supervision of the full OSP portfolio to the VPR Office over the course of the next several months. We have recently discussed this transition with the UVA Executive Vice Presidents and the President all of whom support this realignment. This re-alignment will result in all research administration responsibilities reporting to the VP for Research Office to align strategy and service through the academic side of the institution. As this transition advances, we look forward to working with you to ensure a smooth transition and outstanding customer service for our faculty researchers. Specific details are still being discussed, but we wanted to alert you all now at a high level to the change that will be underway this spring. (posted 2/20/18)

Patent Agreement and Assignment

Any person who may be engaged in University research is required to execute the University’s Patent Agreement and Assignment. University Research is defined to mean Research and related activities by any person, which are related in any way to duties or responsibilities for which he/she has been compensated either by or through the University; or for which facilities owned, operated, or controlled by the University are used. This process can now be completed online at If you have not completed this form recently, please review and electronically sign the agreement at your earliest convenience. If you have any questions, please contact Catherine Thompson (