SURP Interns and Alumni

Explore the pages of each SURP alumni cohort by clicking on the hyperlinked years below (e.g. "2013 interns"). You can also access the research that each intern presented at the Leadership Alliance National Symposium (e.g. "2017 Presentations"). Cohort pages denoted with an asterisk (*) also contain links to SURP publications highlighting individuals' experiences within the program.

“I was surrounded by supportive and intelligent individuals who are currently doing outstanding work in their respective fields. The lab setting was positively contagious, I left confident and determined to progress in my field due to the lab setting I was in.”

– Jose Angel Olais, SURP 2018

SURP 2018 Slideshow

  • Oral Research Presentations

    SURP interns give oral presentations of their ongoing research projects at an interdisciplinary UVA conference.

  • Focus on Academic & Research Skills

    Interns engage with Curry faculty and graduate students through weekly lunches, workshops, and GRE prep.

  • D.C. Cultural Trip

    Interns engage with Smithsonian Museums, visit the U.S. Capitol, and connect with researchers at the Institute of Education Sciences (IES).

  • Leadership Alliance National Symposium

    SURP interns join other UVA summer interns in presenting their research at LANS, a national professional research conference.

  • Part of the Curry Community

    Interns share their research projects at the SURP Final Ceremony with the entire Curry School community.