Youth-Nex Job Market Candidates

Learn more about the current candidates on the job market! These candidates are in alphabetical order by last name.

Youth-Nex was founded in 2009 to expand and apply the science of positive youth development to address fundamental challenges facing societies around the world. Through science and community partnerships, Youth-Nex enhances the strengths of children and adolescents and prevents developmental risk. Our vision is that our nation’s youth - a rich, often untapped resource - may flourish.

  • Janelle Billingsley

    Research Interests: Black Youth, Adolescent Development, Natural Mentoring, Family Relations, Intergenerational Relationships, and Social & Emotional Development
    Faculty Advisor: Noelle Hurd

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  • Ashlee Lester Sjogren

    Research Interests: Motivation, Equity, Engagement, Adolescent Development, and Development in Context
    Faculty Advisor: Nancy Deutsch

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  • Edward D. Scott, Jr.

    Research Interests: Adolescence, Sociopolitical Development, Identity Development, Psychosocial Wellbeing, YPAR, Qualitative Inquiry, Youth Political Engagement, and Black Youth Activists
    Faculty Advisors: Nancy Deutsch and Chauncey Smith

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  • Miray Seward

    Research Interests: Black Women, Black Girlhood, Identity Development, Positive Youth Development, Student Athletes, and Qualitative Methods
    Faculty Advisors: Joanna Lee Williams & Paul Harris

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  • Faith Zabek

    Research Interests: School Climate, School Mental Health, Equitable Measurement, Educational Policy, Positive Youth Development, Translational Research, Participatory Action Research, Multilevel Modeling, and Interprofessional Collaboration
    Faculty Advisors: Michael Lyons and Nancy Deutsch

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