Youth-Nex Job Market Candidates

Learn more about the current candidates on the job market! These candidates are in alphabetical order by last name.

Youth-Nex was founded in 2009 to expand and apply the science of positive youth development to address fundamental challenges facing societies around the world. Through science and community partnerships, Youth-Nex enhances the strengths of children and adolescents and prevents developmental risk. Our vision is that our nation’s youth - a rich, often untapped resource - may flourish.

  • Summer Braun

    Research Interests: Child Well-Being, Teacher Well-Being, Social and Emotional Learning Programs, Mindfulness-Based Interventions, Prevention Science, Social and Emotional Competencies
    Faculty Advisor: Catherine Bradshaw

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  • Daniel Camacho

    Research Interests: Teacher Wellness, Teacher Stress and Coping, Social-Emotional and Psychological Experiences of Teachers, Urban Teachers, School-Based Supports, Teacher-Student Interactional Equality
    Faculty Advisor(s): Catherine Bradshaw and Elise Pas (postdoctoral advisors)


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  • Chelsea A.K. Duran

    Research Interests: Social and Emotional Development, Self-Regulation and Behavior, Adult Stress and Well-being, Teacher Classroom Practices, Student Engagement, Racial/Ethnic Minority Status, Socioeconomic Status
    Faculty Advisor(s): Catherine Bradshaw (postdoctoral mentor) and David Grissmer (doctoral advisor)

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  • Haley E. Johnson

    Research Interests: Adolescence, Peers, Youth-Adult Relationships, Diversity, Qualitative Methods, Social Network Analysis
    Faculty Advisor: Joanna Lee Williams

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  • Andrea Negrete

    Research Interests: Adolescent Development, Youth Resistance to Systems of Oppression, Race and Immigration
    Faculty Advisor: Noelle Hurd

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  • Latisha Ross

    Research Interests: Black Parents and Youth, Parenting, Academic and Racial Socialization, Engagement and Motivation, Youth Development Within School and Community Contexts 
    Faculty Advisor: Nancy Deutsch

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