Vascular Disease in Adolescent Type 1 Diabetes

Vascular Disease in Adolescent Type 1 Diabetic (DM1) Subjects-influence of Diet and Fitness

Life-limiting atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease begins in children with DM 1 as evidenced by several types of pre-atherosclerotic vascular dysfunction. Hyperglycemia alone is unlikely to account for this accelerated atherosclerosis. It may be that activity is one protective factor that could make a vital difference. This study will pilot test whether dietary and activity behaviors contribute to the risk for early vascular dysfunction in DM1 and to begin to address whether interventions, which can be lifelong, can prevent or reverse early vascular disease.

Associated Cross-University Faculty
Eugene Barrett M.D., PH.D., Professor of Medicine, University of Virginia 

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    Arthur L. Weltman Professor, Department of Kinesiology, Professor, Department of Medicine, Director, Exercise Physiology Core Laboratory, 2019-2021 Cavalier's Distinguished Teaching Professor