Youth-Nex Conferences & Affiliated Events

Youth-Nex Conferences

Youth-Nex hosts regular conferences that invite faculty, researchers, students, community leaders and youth to discuss positive youth development.

Dialoging for Democracy: Youth Moral Reasoning and Social Justice (2019)

Discussions on whether contentious historical and contemporary social issues are necessary for the health of democracy.

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Youth Act: Social Justice, Civic and Political Engagement (2017)

Provided a forum centered on critical questions about youth civics activism and political engagement.

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Youth of Color Matter (2015)

Investigated questions and reinforced narratives portraying youth of color as thriving contributors to their communities.

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Let's Talk After-School (2014)

Focused on how after-school programs support the healthy development of children and adolescents.

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Physical Health & Well-Being (2013)

Discussed promotion of physical activity, nutrition, health, and well-being in children and adolescents.

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In Between: Middle Schools as Centers for Positive Youth Development (2012)

Explored how to transform middle schools into developmentally-informed settings.

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Forward Thinking: Preparing Our Youth for the Coming World (2011)

Youth-Nex's Inaugural Conference.

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Youth-Nex Affiliated Events

Youth-Nex partners and participates in events and other conferences at UVA and in Virginia that align with the center's goals and efforts.

Global History of Black Girlhood (2017)

Convened an interdisciplinary network of scholars to frame the emerging field of black girl history.

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Enhancing the Positive Youth Development Perspective (2012)

Provided a research and action base for scientific study through the positive youth development lens.

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Bullying Prevention in the Promotion of a Positive School Climate (2012)

State-wide conference to examine bullying prevention efforts in schools.

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Bullying Research Network Think Tank (2012)

Achieve reasonable consensus on bullying issues, including research priorities, policy recommendations, and best practices.

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