Youth-Nex Faculty and Staff Resources

The purpose of this page is to provide up-to-date resources and reminders to internal faculty & staff at Youth-Nex!

Review or use the find option to find topics of interest to internal Youth-Nex faculty and staff. Click to expand the accordion and learn more. This is an online resource with the most up-to-date information at Youth-Nex.

We see this as a living resource which will be updated regularly. This should be exhaustive of information during normal operations. In red text certain sections are update pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Contacts & Roles

Learn more about the Youth-Nex staff roles & responsibilities, and who to go to with questions!

  • Research & Center Support

    Please contact Crystal Haislip ( for support on:

    • Pre-Award to include internal and external grant proposal requests, letters of intent, MOUs, data use and other non-funded agreements as well as proposal resubmissions and revisions. 
    • Post-Award to include budget questions/issues, monthly PI reports, project forecasting, effort reports and labor distribution, deficits, amendments, renewals, no-cost extensions, audits, award closures, sponsor financial reports (interim & final), IRB’s, and subcontracts.
    • Primary OSP contact for project and award questions, financial reporting, invoicing, etc.
    • General project and award management to include gift agreements, project and award set up and transfers, and internal controls of revenue and expenditure accounts, ExpenseUVA, and Recon@.
  • Purchasing, Processing & Admin

    Please contact Martha Pullen ( for support on:

    • General administration related to purchasing to include business cards, office supplies, and/or other similar requests.
    • Procurement and Accounts Payable to include purchases (vouchers, purchase order and/or T&E cards), travel arrangements & reimbursements, and general reimbursements.
      • If you have questions specifically about gifts, gift cards, human subject payments, participant incentives, consulting work, non-employee and student travel, please consult with Martha prior to agreeing to cover costs or to making a purchase.
      • If you require the procurement of goods and/or services totaling more than $10,000 in a 12-month period, please provide as much notice as possible as extra steps will be involved in securing a purchase order.
  • HR, Tech, Communications & Marketing, & Other Admin

    Please contact Leslie Booren ( for support on:

    • Other Administration like keys, space, parking for guests and any facilities/maintenance issues and/or similar operations related requests.
    • Human Resources to include HR transactions in Workday, employee relations, hires, terminations, timecard issues, payroll issues, student hires, onboarding, and offboarding.
    • ITS/ETO requests to include sponsored accounts, visiting professors/scholars, print/copy access, phones, and new/replacement equipment.
    • Communications and Marketing to include questions from the press, publications, awards, interviews, etc. involving Youth-Nex work.
    • Events needing assistance, and including our annual conference, research lectures, monthly WIP meetings and BYOLunch & Learns.
    • Website updates.

Purchasing & Reimbursement Policies

Learn more about procurement policies to ensure that we are in compliance with all Federal and State guidelines, University policies, and any applicable grant rules. Please keep in mind that policies are always subject to change, therefore, it is best practice to discuss purchases with Martha ahead of time.

  • Important Take Aways
    • The preferred method for the procurement of goods and/or services is via T&E card, Purchase Order, or Payment Voucher.
    • Services are NOT reimbursable to employees. Some examples of frequent goods and/or services that are NOT reimbursable: giftcards, gifts, transcription/translation, cash payments, human subject payments, direct purchases from an individual or sole proprietor.
    • Services should not be provided until a purchase order has been issued or a credit card payment has been arranged. Goods and/or services procured without an approved purchase order or via a T&E card, would be classified as a non-authorized purchase. For example, a vendor should not begin work until they are registered with the University and a PO is issued. This process ensures that the vendor will be paid, that the vendor has agreed to the University’s terms and conditions, and that all proper competition procedures have been followed, if applicable.
    • Not all purchases are eligible to be paid via a University T&E card, even if the vendor agrees to a credit card payment.
  • Purchasing & Reimbursement Request Form

    Please bookmark and use this form for all of your Youth-Nex purchasing and reimbursement requests, including travel reimbursements, consultant payments, honoraria, human subject payments, etc. This form helps administrative staff to streamline workflow and process requests more quickly. Documentation should be attached directly to the form.

    If you have questions about the Purchasing/Reimbursement Request Form or would like a 10-minute Zoom tutorial on how to use the form, please contact Martha ( to arrange a time with her.

  • Travel & Reimbursements

    Pandemic Note: Restrictions on all University related travel is changing based on current public health needs. For the most up to date information, please see the regular update emails or contact Martha before planning any travel. University community members are permitted to conduct University-related domestic travel, as long as they follow CDC guidelines, which calls for individuals to be fully vaccinated before they travel. UVA has implemented a Required Employee Travel Registry for all University-related international travel. Contact Martha before planning any business travel.

    Overall Travel Guidelines

    • Travel policies and procedures are different for faculty/staff than for students/non-employees. Please check with Martha prior to making travel arrangements for students and non-employees and prior to agreeing to cover specific costs for students and non-employees. IMPORTANT: students and non-employees must provide itemized receipts for all expenses including meals (per diem is not allowed).
    • Travel should be booked as soon as possible. Prices increase as travel dates draw near. It is preferred that air and rail travel be booked a minimum of 6-8 weeks in advance, when possible.
    • Bundled travel packages (where air fare, hotel, and car rental costs are included in a single quote) are NOT an allowable expense unless purchased through TravelUVA.
    • Lodging that is non-refundable is not allowed per University Travel Policy. Itemized receipts are required regardless of the dollar amount. T&E cards may not be used to purchase accommodations with Airbnb and similar services such as VRBO or Homeaway, although travelers may personally pay for these reservations and be reimbursed by the University.  If you choose to utilize these services, please be aware that you are accepting personal responsibility for any incidents that may occur during your stay. Visit Travel UVA’s Lodging website and click on “Alternative Lodging” for more details.
    • University employees are strongly encouraged to rent vehicles through agencies under contract with the University. We currently hold contracts with Enterprise, Hertz, and National.
    • University faculty and staff should decline any additional insurance offered for any vehicle leased or rented within the continental United States, its territories or possessions, or Canada. It is recommended that the traveler purchase the liability damage waiver(LDW)and collision damage waiver(CDW)insurance on the rental contract for vehicles rented outside the United States, its territories or possessions, or Canada.
    • Non-University employees are NOT covered under the University’s automobile self-insurance plan. For these individuals, the University will only reimburse LDW and CDW insurance.
    • The traveler must return vehicles with the same amount of fuel as when picked up. It is most cost effective to refuel before returning. Justification is required when expensing if refueling occurs at the rental agency.

    Travel for Faculty & Staff

    Please consult with Martha prior to making your travel arrangements. If you are traveling for a PI, please secure approval via email before travel arrangements are made. Airfare, hotel and car rental can be booked by using TravelUVA. Martha can assist and book for you in TravelUVA if you prefer. For reimbursements, please submit itemized receipts and PI approval via email to Martha within 10 days of the completion of travel. All faculty and staff travel reimbursements are processed by Martha through ExpenseUVA (Chrome River).

    Travel for Students & Non-Employees

    Additional steps are required for travel for students and non-employees. Please email Martha prior to making travel arrangements for students and non-employees and/or prior to agreeing to cover specific travel costs for students and non-employees. Martha will work with the student or non-employee on travel arrangements and reimbursements.

    Mixing Personal Travel with University Paid Travel

    When mixing personal travel with University-paid travel the traveler must print a cost comparison of the itinerary he/she would have taken for the business trip portion of the trip at the same time the ticket including the personal travel is purchased. The less expensive of the two itineraries will be reimbursed. A trip including personal travel can only be purchased using a T&E card if it is equal to in cost or less expensive than the business trip would have been. Both itineraries must be submitted with the expense report in ExpenseUVA with an explanation in the Description field.

    Travel Reimbursement

    Expenses paid with personal funds should not be submitted until after the completion of the trip. Employees should submit travel reimbursement requests to Martha within 10 days of the completion of travel. This allows an appropriate amount of time for the expense report to be created, issues to be resolved, and for the approval process. Expense reports submitted later than 30 days after the last day of travel require justification which describes why late submission was unpreventable, as well as approval by the supplemental approver. If your travel is nearing the 30-day deadline, please provide a justification to Martha when submitting your travel reimbursement request.

    UVA Travel & Expense
  • Signatory Authority

    Faculty and Staff are not allowed to sign documents on behalf of the University including, but not limited to, contracts, MOU’s, proposals, etc. All documents must be signed by a University representative with signatory authority in Procurement or the Office of Sponsored Programs. If you have questions about routing a document for signature, please let Crystal know.

Human Resources

What to know about the UVA HR system Workday, hiring students and more!

  • Timecards

    For more on when timecards are due and paydays, see the UVA Academic Payroll and Leave Calendar.

    UVA HR Workday JobAids of interest:

  • Hiring Students

    Info Needed to Hire Students

    • Full name & computing ID
    • Year (if known)
    • Begin and end dates**
    • Will a background check be needed? 
      • Will the student be working with minors (in-person or virtually) or with participant data?
    • # of hours per week (students are limited to 20 hours/week across ALL UVA assignments)
    • Pay rate
    • PTAO/Project
    • Supervisor name, phone & email
    • Short job description (2-3 sentences)


    Students are typically hired for the fall and spring semester, and/or summer. Specific dates are typically set around those timelines. 

    If the students is already a student worker, they should be set up in Workday within 5-7 business days. If not, it will take approximately two weeks since they will need to complete the I-9 process and/or a background check (and students cannot work until their I-9 is processed, per federal law).

    Please keep in mind that students must be enrolled full-time (12 credits or more during a fall/spring semester and 6 credits during summer or Jan term) to be eligible to work as a student wage employee. If they are not enrolled full-time, they are eligible to work but will need to be hired as a temp employee, which incurs an additional fee.

    Other Things to Know

    Work study – additional steps needed (email Leslie for next steps)

    Temp hires – have a different process (email Leslie for more information)

    Pay rates – there are guidelines around pay rates which are detailed in the wage authorization page at UVA. Leslie can work with you on how low and high figures can be for pay rates in certain positions. 


What to know about all technology availability from phones, faxes, logins, printing & more!

  • IT Support

    Pandemic Note: Throughout the pandemic, there may be different walk-in hours for tech support so please plan accordingly or reach out to Leslie.

    EHD Educational Technologies Office (ETO)

    The ETO provides technology support to the academic and research endeavors at EHD. It also provides EHD faculty, staff and researchers with equipment, network services, software, as well as other technical recommendations and support. Additionally, through ETO, equipment may be checked out for EHD staff, faculty, researchers and eligible students.

    Hours: Monday – Friday, 8am-5pm

    Phone: 434-924-7086

    Room: Ridley Hall 121

    Please note that the ETO cannot assist with personal machines of faculty, staff, or students or non-networked printers.

    UVA Information Technology Services (ITS)

    ITS is available to address technological needs of the entire University like email, wifi, some software, etc. They also support all statistics software through the UVA Software Gateway. If you use UVA logins regularly, there is one page that has all the most common links available that many people bookmark.

    EHD ETO UVA ITS UVA Software Gateway UVA Login Links
  • 2-Step Login (Duo)

    All UVA students, faculty, and staff are required to enroll in 2-Step Login (Duo) to access NetBadge-protected resources. Please make sure you set up multiple approval routes to ensure your ability to access our required systems.

    UVA Duo
  • Office Phones and Fax

    Pandemic Note: You are able to forward your office phone to personal phones through the online portal, which is an option many employees have used during the pandemic. You can also set it up so your voicemails come to your email for easy review.

    Quick Tips

    On-Grounds: Dial the 5-digit extension (2-xxxx, 3-xxxx, 4-xxxx or 7-xxxx)

    Off-Grounds:  Dial “9” + seven-digit local telephone number 

    Long distance (US/Canada):  Dial 9 + 1+ area code + the seven-digit number of the party you are calling.

    Long Distance (International): You must enter a Forced Authorization Code (FAC) to dial internationally. If you need to make International calls frequently and need a FAC, please email Leslie.

    For more on Conference Room phones please see the Events section.

    Youth-Nex Fax Number

    (434) 982-6035 in Ridley Hall 225

    EHD faxes are available on the ground floor networked printing/copying machines. Please note, you will need to use the same tips above for phones with faxes too. Follow-up with Leslie for assistance.

    Using your UVA Phone
  • Network Printing / Copying / Scanning

    Pandemic Note: Availability for printing/copying/scanning is still available in Bavaro and Ridley. If you have other printing needs while working remotely, please reach out to Leslie.

    Network printing at EHD is managed by ETO. There are several printers/copiers/scanners located throughout Ridley and Bavaro. You will need to be set up with access codes, but you can print/copy/scan on any of the machines listed below once you have a code. These codes are specific to projects within Youth-Nex and should be used accordingly.

    If you have questions about this process or if you need to add/update access codes, please email Leslie.

    Instructions for printing/copying/scanning are provided in each of these locations. You will print to the cloud and then release at a location. Printing and copying costs per page, whereas scanning is free to your email.

    ETO Networked Printing
  • Video & Audio Conferencing


    UVA provides Zoom accounts to all faculty, staff and students. It is also possible to transfer an existing personal Zoom account to UVA. There are standard accounts available to all employees-if you need support for webinars or other Zoom functionality, please reach out to Leslie.


    UVA also supports Microsoft Teams which is a tool to instantly connect with your team members (Chat, Audio & Video Calls). It is also used in project management, classroom instruction, etc. Many employees have started using Teams minimally for inter-office messaging to cut down on emails.

    UVA Zoom Microsoft Teams

Spaces & Mail

Learn more about what Youth-Nex spaces are available to you, where to get your mail and more!

  • Youth-Nex Main Office & Kitchens

    Pandemic Note: During this time, the Youth-Nex Main Office will have atypical business hours and will likely remain locked. If you are accessing this space, please remember to turn off lights, follow the space guidelines below, etc. Please contact Martha if any supplies are low.

    This is an administrative office for staff and common space for everyone affiliated with Youth-Nex. Please do not leave Ridley 225 unlocked outside 8am-5pm business hours. This is best practice for safety of computers, equipment, and personal belongings. If you need a key to Ridley 225, please email Leslie.

    Faculty and staff mailboxes are located within this office. We also have a microwave, small refrigerator, water cooler, and Keurig coffee maker. These items are available for use by all Youth-Nex students, faculty, and staff. Please follow these common space guidelines where possible:

    • Please be mindful of the administrative staff when using this space.
    • Please make sure you remove food from the refrigerator on a weekly basis.
    • Please keep the coffee station, microwave and refrigerator tidy by cleaning up leaks and spills immediately.
    • Please do not use the microwave & Keurig at the same time – they will blow a fuse, the entire office will lose power, and facilities management must reset the fuse.

    Other Kitchens Available

    EHD has other public areas with refrigerators, microwaves, etc. Those kitchens are also located on the 1st and 3rd floors of Ridley Hall and the 1st floor of Bavaro Hall.

    Composting buckets are also available in the EHD kitchens on the first floors of Ridley and Bavaro Halls.

  • Youth-Nex Lab

    Ridley 227 is the main area for students to work on Youth-Nex projects. Please do not leave Ridley 227 unlocked. This is best practice for safety of computers, personal belongings and sensitive data that may be stored in the lab. Please note that there are times when this space might be used for lab meetings, Youth-Nex BYOLunch & Lunches, etc.

    If you need a key to Ridley 227, please email Leslie.

  • Keys & Access

    Access to Ridley and Bavaro buildings are managed by a combination of physical keys and swipe access with your UVA ID card. Both types of access is managed by the Dean's Office. Please contact Leslie directly for next steps with checking out keys or getting access.

    Please note that some swipe access, especially to the buildings, may be needed during the evenings or weekend during off-hours (and highly public events like UVA football saturdays and graduation). Please plan according by working with Leslie if you are working then or hosting events.

  • Addresses for Mailing

    Pandemic Note: If you are mailing something to Youth-Nex during these atypical operating hours, please reach out to Martha to coordinate as needed.

    USPS Mailing

    Youth-Nex, School of Education & Human Development

    University of Virginia
    PO Box 400281
    Charlottesville, VA 22904-4281

    Express Carrier Mailing

    Youth-Nex, School of Education & Human Development

    University of Virginia
    405 Emmet Street South
    Ridley Hall, Room 225
    Charlottesville, VA 22903


    Please note, the Bavaro Hall address is: 417 Emmet Street South

  • Your Mail

    Pandemic Note: Incoming mail is being checked weekly and distributed to individual mail boxes in the main Youth-Nex office. If you would like to be notified when there is a package or a large amount of accumulating mail, please contact Martha. If you need to send outgoing mail, please coordinate with Martha or bring stamped mail directly to the EHD Dean's Office in Bavaro Hall, Rm. 131.

    Outgoing mail

    There is no out-going mailbox in the Youth-Nex mail office. Employees are encouraged to bring their stamped mail directly to the EHD Dean's Office in Bavaro Hall, Rm. 131. Please contact Martha to arrange USPS mail and UVA-intercampus messenger mail. Project specific unstamped USPS mail will require a billing cover sheet allocated to a specific Youth-Nex project which Martha can assist with.

    Incoming mail

    You will have an assigned mailbox in the YN Main Office, Ridley Hall 225. If you are a faculty member or research associate, you will also have a mailbox in the main office of your affiliated academic department (and mail may be delivered to both areas depending on what PO Box is used or how it is sorted).

Event Support

What to know about conference rooms, parking, guest wifi, and more!

  • Conference Rooms

    Pandemic Note: As operations may shift throughout the pandemic, it is possible that there will be room capacities adjustments in all our spaces and/or masks are required. Please pay attention to regular update emails or contact Leslie with questions!

    There are three types of spaces available for meetings, those managed by Youth-Nex, by EHD and by UVA. There is more information about Youth-Nex spaces in another section on this website. Please note that spaces are available during normal operating times at Youth-Nex, EHD and UVA--if you are hosting an event or meeting in the evening or weekends, please contact Leslie to make sure building and room access will still be available.

    You are welcome to contact Leslie for assistance in your events or to finding a meeting space that best fits your needs. Or please use the resources below.

    EHD Spaces

    Meeting rooms in Ridley and Bavaro Halls support EHD academic, research, and development programs. Instructions, locations and room specifications are available on the EHD Events website. You are encouraged to book your own internal meetinng rooms through the EHD system, and follow-up with Leslie if you need support for larger events.

    Phones: Each conference room is equipped with a phone. Internal and local calls can be made free of charge. Long-distance and international calls require a Forced Activation Code or FAC. If you need to make a long-distance or international call when in a conference room, please let Leslie know a minimum of 48 hours in advance of your meeting (when possible) so that you can borrow an FAC if you do not have one.

    Technology/Other Issues: If you have technical or any other issues while using a conference room, please contact Leslie or the Dean’s Office in Bavaro 112 or by calling (434) 924-3332.

    UVA Space & Classrooms

    Classrooms within Ridley Hall adhere to a different reservation and support system through UVA. For scheduling those spaces, please book through the SOURCE.

    EHD Events UVA Classroom Spaces
  • Visitor Parking

    Visitors to Youth-Nex can park in the Central Grounds Parking Garage free of charge if a coupon code is requested PRIOR to their visit. If you have a guest that will be visiting UVA, please email Leslie a minimum of 48 hours in advance, if possible, before the guest arrives with the name of the guest, date, and reason for the visit. Leslie will provide you with a code that your guest will need prior to parking in the Central Grounds Garage. Overflow parking is available in the Culbreth Road Garage. Please note that coupon codes are not meant for employees or students.

  • Wireless Guest Access

    Guests of UVA (individuals who are not faculty, staff, or students) have options for accessing the Internet using a UVA WiFi network. For short term or day access, guests are encouraged to use self service guest access through the UVA Guest WiFi network.

    Other wireless options for guests include a more sponsored account requiring a passcode or registration on the secured network. If you need this level of access, please don't hesitate to reach out to Leslie for assistance.

    Guest Access to the UVA WiFi Network

Communication & Websites To Know

Everything you need to know about your website, communications at Youth-Nex, and other websites that may be important!

  • EHD Websites

    If you have questions or would like to make updates to any of the website at Youth-Nex, please contact Leslie


    All full-time faculty and staff are listed in the EHD Directory and entries include a photo, degree information, a short bio, and a link to your CV as well as your contact information. See the EHD Directory and the Youth-Nex People page for examples.


    Youth-Nex also tries to keep up-to-date and refreshed research project pages on their website. If you'd like to add a project or update an existing project, please contact Leslie for the template or more information.

    Labs & Other Special Requests

    You can also request other pages that support your research and work at Youth-Nex. For example, EHD support research labs (a larger group with a specific focus or combination of multiple research projects) on their website. Additionally, Youth-Nex supports specific requests for website like for a series of special events or singular initiatives--for more information or availability of support, please contact Leslie.

    EHD Directory Youth-Nex People
  • Social Media

    Youth-Nex supports a number of social media platforms that disseminate work from our researchers and promote positive youth development. Follow us to catch the most up-to-date news and unique content!

    Youth-Nex also has access to an online resource to create flyers and images, which faculty and research projects can access. If interested, please contact Leslie.

    Please share any news or accomplishments when they become available with Leslie so it can be shared in these platforms and other communications.

    Instagram Facebook Youtube Twitter
  • Listservs

    Youth-Nex maintains internal listservs where members from our community  can send announcements and information to. Follow-up with Leslie to be added/removed from their lists, or to get more information for sending.

    • YN-EHD: Faculty and staff directly linked with EHD and Youth-Nex within Ridley/Bavaro Halls.
    • YN-Gradstudents: Graduate students associated with Youth-Nex.
    • YN-Affiliates: Other faculty and staff who are affiliated with Youth-Nex.

    Youth-Nex also hosts a national newsletter. You can sign-up to receive these regular updates online.

    Youth-Nex National Newsletter
  • Other Important Websites

    There are other websites that may be important or helpful for your work at Youth-Nex, EHD and UVA (not already mentioned elsewhere).

New to Youth-Nex

What to know if you are new to UVA and/or Youth-Nex, including everything from email, parking, office supplies, business cards, recycling, and more!

  • Email

    UVA manages email system for EHD and Youth-Nex through Office 365. Students are on a separate platform, Gmail. Once your computing ID and password are set up, you can access your email online or set it up in mail clients like Outlook. If you are having trouble setting up your email on your new computer, please contact Leslie for assistance who will coordinate with ETO directly.

    UVA also has a management system where you can set up an alias or another name that is linked to your computing ID to use for easier email addresses.

    UVA Email Online Email Alias & Forwarding
  • Parking & Maps

    UVA Parking & Transportation (P&T) manages all parking for faculty and staff is available at various paid parking lots around grounds. UVA P&T also manages the bus system and other transportation options.

    UVA maps are also available for new employees online. If you need a hardcopy map, please contact Leslie for options.


    UVA Parking & Transportation UVA Maps
  • Office Supplies

    Basic office supplies are provided in the Youth-Nex Main Office, Ridley 225. If you need additional supplies or if you take the last of a specific supply item, please email Martha. If you need supplies for classes, please check in with your academic program offices for support.

  • Business Cards & Name Plates

    Business cards can be ordered for faculty and staff using the standard UVA template. If you would like to place an order or get updated business cards, please email Martha.

    Name plates or cards for your desk or office will be ordered as part of your on-boarding process. If you need an update or it has not yet been received, please contact Leslie.

  • Recycling / Trash / Shredding

    Recycling and trash bins are located throughout Ridley and Bavaro. You will be provided with a small “Oscar” rather than a full-sized trash can for your desk that you should empty into the larger bins, which are then maintained regularly by housekeeping.

    If you need to depose of records, this needs to be done according to UVA document retention guidelines. Please contact Martha for assistance on this. All CONFIDENTIAL items need to be secured shredded.

    There is a shredder located in the Youth-Nex Main Office. Shredders are also located at each EHD network printing office. If you have large shredding needs, or secured shredding, please email Martha.

  • Facilities Management

    If you need to hang something in your office, move some furniture, have a split on your carpet, etc., you need to contact UVA facilities for assistance. For legal reasons, we are required to work directly with UVA professionally for these types of matters. For any facilities issues/emergencies within Ridley or Bavaro, please email Leslie so this request can be submitted and tracked on your behalf. In case of emergencies, you can contact directly and CC Leslie.

    EHD Operations
  • Calendar

    Youth-Nex Calendar of Events

    Youth-Nex's most up to date events is available online through our calendar. Previous events are also available on our website. Also, events are updated regularly on our social media platforms.

    Other Calendars

    There are calendars for events through EHD and UVA also available.

    Calendars for Scheduling

    UVA uses Microsoft Office 365 products, and encourages all faculty and staff to use Outlook for their calendar and scheduling. 

    Youth-Nex Calendar EHD Calendar UVA Calendar