How to Participate

Participants in ECHO sessions are sometimes unfamiliar with expectations. Our goal is for all participants to feel welcomed, comfortable, and prepared. This sets up sessions in which people are more confident to collaborate with one another.


  • What is ECHO?

    ECHO is a model of virtual learning used to increase expertise on specialist topics. Participants join a virtual meeting designed around case-based learning and mentorship. At regular meeting times, often once every two weeks, participants join a Zoom meeting coordinated by the STAR team. During this time, participants receive training and present current cases to experts.

    The key idea behind ECHO is "all teach, all learn."

    The Story of ECHO
  • Who participates in ECHO?

    Primary care providers, educators, administrators, parents, community health workers, pediatricians, and many others - anyone interested in the topic is welcome! 

    We encourage collaboration in our ECHO sessions, so we have designed them to address particular groups. Please see our main ECHO site for a listing of our different sessions. 

  • Who will I be talking with?

    Our Supporting Transformative Autism Research (STAR) team consists of experts across many different fields, including special education, early autism diagnosis, and long-term care. Many ECHO sessions will also feature parents of individuals with autism and family navigators. These team members provide a valuable perspective on what it looks like to care for individuals with autism in Virginia.

    You will also be collaborating with others who are seeking in a similar way to improve the lives of those touched by autism in their medical practice, school, or household.

  • How do I use Zoom?

    All you need is Internet access, a front-facing camera on a smartphone, tablet, or computer, and a link sent by the coordinator. For step-by-step instructions, click the link below.

    How to Join a Zoom Meeting
  • Costs

    None! Participation in ECHO is free.

    All teleconferencing is done through Zoom, which is also free.

  • What happens after registration?

    Our ECHO Coordinator, Keith Page, will be in touch with you using the contact information provided. He will send links, agendas, and reminders of upcoming sessions. We recommend that you test your videoconferencing equipment prior to your first session. Our coordinator will reach out about a time to practice.


Watch for tips on participating in an ECHO session. This video is shared in partnership with the University of New Mexico.

ECHO in Education 101

This video provides a brief overview of the ECHO model for educators. It describes sessions from partners at the University of Wyoming.