UVA Autism Research Core Services

The goal of the UVA Autism Research Core (ARC), a part of the STAR Initiative, is to facilitate autism-focused research across UVA through providing research coordination, support, recruitment, and assessment services. The ARC supports investigators across UVA departments, units, and schools, and supports both on-site and community-based research. 

Infographic of three images with data. First image is a pie chart on a clip board with data beneath. The data reads 20+ Autism Studies Supported, 1000+ Participants Enrolled, 15+ Community Partners



  • Study Coordination Services

    The ARC offers the following study coordination supports:

    • IRB preparation and management
    • Study coordination
    • Participant recruitment and scheduling
    • UVA ITS compliant data storage
    • Research assistant management
    • Participant behavior management supports
    • Spanish translation
    • Consultations on promoting accessibility of study sessions
    • Testing Services

      Our team is trained in the administration and scoring of a wide range of psychological and developmental assessments. Testing services include:

      • Assessment trainings
      • Guidance of assessment selection
      • Questionnaire and survey development
      • Behavioral observation data collection
      • Survey and questionnaire administration
      • Score reports
      • Administration and scoring of assessments
        • Research reliable administration of autism diagnostic tools (e.g., Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule - 2nd Edition, Autism Diagnostic Interview - Revised)
        • Cognitive assessments (e.g., Differential Abilities Scales, Wechsler scales)
        • Neuropsychological assessments (e.g., NEPSY, WRAML)
        • Developmental assessments (e.g., Mullen Scales of Early Learning, Bayley Scales of Infant Development)
        • Language assessments (e.g., CELF, Preschool Language Scale)
        • Academic Assessments (e.g., Woodcock Johnson Tests of Achievement, Wechsler Individual Achievement Test)
        • Behavioral and emotional questionnaires (e..g, Child Behavior Checklist, Aberrant Behavior Checklist)
        • Adaptive Behavior assessments (e.g., Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales, Adaptive Behavior Assessment System)
    • ARC Recruitment

      The ARC provides support in recruiting ASD and non-ASD participants using a multi-pronged approach, including:

      • Individualized Recruitment: The ARC works with investigators to develop individualized recruitment strategies that are tailored for each study, while capitalizing on the large number of community contacts STAR has been able to develop with service providers, schools, and medical professionals across the United States.
      • Autism DRIVE recruitment: Autism DRIVE (Data system for Research Integration, Visualization, and Exchange) is a centralized system for autism research & resources for individuals, families and professionals in Virginia. The autism research registry (IRB HSR #21446), housed within Autism DRIVE, is one of the largest autism research registries in Virginia. Benefits of using the Autism DRIVE include: 
      1. Recruiting participants from our participant database. Participants include children and adults on the autism spectrum, family members, and professionals. The registration process collects information on participants’ demographics, diagnoses, developmental functioning, educational history, and other characteristics. 
      2. Advertising research studies through the Autism DRIVE to recruit participants. 
        • Post information about studies on the Autism DRIVE Current Studies page.
        • Have the Autism DRIVE generate matches with participants of appropriate studies based on their characteristics.
        • Give interested registrants a direct line of communication to research labs
      3. Match participants to relevant study opportunities. The Autism DRIVE uses an algorithm based on their registration information that matches them to studies they are eligible for. 

      To recruit through the Autism DRIVE registry, contact us. 

      • STAR Newsletter: The ARC can work with researchers to create and disseminate recruitment materials via the STAR newsletter. 

      • STAR Facebook Page: The ARC makes regular recruitment posts and pushes for research studies through the STAR Facebook page.

    • ARC Support Requests

      To learn more about the ARC or to request ARC services for a research study, please contact Rose Nevill, ARC Director, [email protected].


    The ARC is composed of a team of highly trained research specialists with expertise in autism and related developmental disabilities, as well as several talented undergraduate research assistants with interest in autism. Our backgrounds represent disciplines of clinical and school psychology, public health, business administration, UX design, applied behavior analysis, and neuroscience. For more information about individual team members, please click on bio links below.

    ARC Team

    Rose Nevill, PhD, BCBA

    ARC Director, Assistant Professor of Education

    Rose Nevill, PhD, BCBA

    Genevieve Bohac, PhD, NASP

    Research Specialist Intermediate

    Genevieve Bohac, PhD, NASP

    Young hee Byun, M.Ed. MA

    Research Specialist Intermediate

    Young hee Byun, M.Ed. MA

    Emily Fuhrmann, BA

    ARC Research Specialist

    Emily Fuhrmann, BA

    Isabel Huerta, MHS, CIC

    ARC Research Specialist

    Isabel Huerta, MHS, CIC

    Elizabeth Maquera, BS

    ARC Research Specialist

    Elizabeth Maquera, BS
    Our Undergraduate Research Assistants


    Elena Casalino

    Kinesiology and Psychology major, 4th year



    Rachel Corney

    Psychology major, 4th year


    Picture of Erica Guilfoyle


    Eric Guilfoyle

    Youth and Social Innovations major, 2nd year



    Summer Daub

    Speech Communications Disorders major, 4th year



    Sanchia Fernandes

    Psychology and English major, 3rd year



    John "Jack" Hollon

    Kinesiology major, 3rd year



    Alexis Payne

    Psychology and Spanish major, 2nd year



    Madelynn Park

    Cognitive Science major, 2nd year



    Alexandra "Rose" Spainhour

    Nursing major, 4th year