Information for Current VEST Fellows

Welcome to the VEST Fellowship Program at UVA School of Education and Human Development!

Policies for all VEST fellows:

  • VEST Conference Reportage: If you use VEST funds to attend a professional conference and you do not have a presenting role, you must complete reportage and submit to the VEST coordinator within two weeks after the conference. Upon submission this will be reviewed by the VEST Coordinator and Directors as needed.
  • Prosem/Speaker Attendance (Updated Fa15): If you miss an event, you will be required to attend two education-based lectures on-grounds during that semester and write a summary (2 pages each) of these talks that identify the education problem addressed, the methodological approach employed, the main findings and the implications for policy or practice.  Importantly, in this summary include your comments on the extent to which the methods used match the research questions appropriately.  For instance, if the research questions are causal, do the methods appropriately recognize and address the threats to internal validity? If the questions are descriptive, are the methods the best fit to address these questions? Your instructor should approve in advance each of the talks.
    • If you are attending a conference (either professional or School-run) on the exact dates of a VEST prosem date, you can write a summary of two talks you attend at that conference instead of having to attend two other talks. Please use the instructions noted here for the summary, but instead use it for two separate talks from that specific conference. This summary would be on top of and different then your VEST Reportage (if required).
  • Workshop Attendance: All workshops are required. If you are unable to attend all the summer statistical workshops, you should follow-up with the VEST coordinator about next steps. Make-ups will be required and include attending another IES sponsored workshop that summer or leading a workshop for other fellows/faculty.
  • Fellow Initiated Grants: All fellows are encouraged to submit proposals for additional funding through other organizations (e.g., AERA research grants). If a fellow receives additional funding while still in VEST, this will be worked into their current funding package so that the overall allotments are fair across other VEST fellows and other graduate students at the School of Education and Human Development. Follow-up with the VEST Coordinator if questions.


Annual Timelines: