Guides & Resources

School Crisis Resources  This website contains several documents with practical suggestions for effective school crisis response. 

Download Virginia Department of Education's 2007 Resource Guide for Crisis Management in Virginia Schools:
A comprehensive guide to establishing an effective crisis management plan published by the VDOE.

Download Virginia Department of Education's Model School Crisis Management Plan
Document containing examples of school crisis management plans currently used by several Virginia schools. 

Download Common Errors in School Crisis Response: Learning from Our Mistakes
Article by Dr. Dewey Cornell and Dr. Peter Sheras that includes case examples of errors committed by school staff that exacerbate school crisis situations, as well as guidelines for successful crisis management. 

Download Coding Guide for Violent Incidents: Instrumental Versus Hostile/Reactive Aggression
This is the coding guide we used to code violent crimes as instrumental or hostile/reactive forms of aggression. The coding guide is being made available to researchers, but it is not an established clinical instrument and is intended only for research purposes.

Violence Coding Guide

Download the Violence Coding Guide for Instrumental and Hostile-Reactive Incidents

Resources: A Call for More Effective Prevention of Violence

View the Online Call for Action to Prevent Gun Violence in the United States of America (English)

Download Position Statement on Preventing School and Community Violence (English)
Download PDF Declaración de Posición 

College Threat Assessment Resources

Download Recommended Practices for College Threat Assessment
Download Reactions to the Virginia Tech Shooting
Download Our 2007 Congressional testimony on student threat assessment and campus safety

The Comprehensive School Threat Assessment Guidelines (originally known as the Virginia Student Threat Assessment Guidelines)

Download the Comprehensive School Threat Assessment Guidelines

Threat Assessment Training

Download Threat Assessment Training