Virginia Bullying Legislation

In 2005, Virginia enacted legislation that directs schools to take action to reduce school bullying. Read the law on bullying reporting and prevention. Read the provision on staff immunity.

Virginia Youth Violence Project's Involvement in Legislation

In 2004, the Youth Violence Project was asked to work with Virginia Delegate Rob Bell (58th District) on bullying legislation for the Virginia Schools. The Youth Violence Project participated in town meetings that assessed the need for legislation and consulted with lawmakers regarding the content of the legislation. House Bill 2266 was introduced into the 2005 Session of the Virginia General Assembly. The bill called for schools to report bullying to parents and to integrate bullying prevention into existing character education programs. YVP Associate Director, Peter Sheras, was present when Governor Mark Warner signed the bill into law.

Legislation Workshops

The 2005 act addressed school board policies relating to incidents of bullying, harassment, and intimidation. The Virginia Center for School Safety, in partnership with the State Department of Education, sponsored a series of workshops on this legislation for school officials and law enforcement officers across the state. The workshops were led by Dr. Dewey Cornell of the Youth Violence Project and Dr. John More of Response Law Inc. Drs. Cornell and More explained the implications of this legislation in light of the Family Educational Rights to Privacy Act. (F.E.R.P.A.) and highlighted what changed and what stayed the same in the way schools must handle bullying.