Bullying Resources

Books for Parents and School Personnel

Books for Children and Adolescents

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Books for Parents and School Personnel

Beane, Allan L. (1999). The Bully-Free Classroom. Free Spirit.

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Books for Children and Adolescents

Berenstain, Stan, and Jan Berenstain. (1993). The Berenstain Bears and the Bully. New York : Random House.

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Online Support


Provides a map with detailed information on state laws and policies, interactive webisodes and videos for young people, strategies for schools and communities to encourage safe environments, and suggestions on how parents can talk about bullying with their children. In addition, this site explores the dangers of cyberbullying and steps youngsters and parents can take to fight it. 


A supportive and informative Web site for young victims of bullying

Bully B'ware: Take Action Against Bullying. An excellent meeting place for parents, children and educators concerned about bullying and its effects. Provides current research on bullying, information on school programs and other resources and opportunities for victims and bullies to discuss their own experience with peer violence.


Information about cyberbullying, prevention techniques, and cyber safety.


Information for parents on protecting children from bullying www.ed.gov Information on stopping bullying at school. Offers the government publication Creating Safe and Drug-Free Schools : An Action Guide.


GLSEN is the leading national organization fighting to end anti-gay bias in K-12 schools.


The nation's largest mental health Web site. Comprehensive information on mental health services and therapeutic approaches to violence and victimization in children and adolescents.


A source of information on home schooling programs and curricula, along with support and information for parents considering or continuing with home schooling their children.


Parenting tips for helping children deal with bullies at school.


Web site for the report Youth Violence: A report of the Surgeon General. Created in response to the shooting at Colorado's Columbine High School, this comprehensive report on the state of bullying in American today includes evaluations of current anti-bullying programs, therapeutic approaches for violent and victimized youths, and many other resources for parents and children interested in learning more about bullying in the United Sates.

Research and support for professionals and parents regarding youth violence.

This resource provides general information about bullying, activities to learn about bullying, and resources to seek help if you or your child is being bullied.

Support Organizations and Hotlines

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention www.afsp.org (212) 363-3500

National Center for Victims of Crime (202) 467-8700

National Clearinghouse on Child Abuse and Neglect Information (800) 394-3366

National Domestic Violence Hotline http://www.thehotline.org/ (800) 799-7233, (800)787-3224 (TTY)

National Mental Health Association (800) 273-8255

National Referral Network for Kids in Crisis www.kidspeace.org (800) 257-3223

National Runaway Safeline http://www.1800runaway.org/ (773)880-9860

Trevor Helpline for Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual youth thetrevorproject.org (310)271-8845