Project VIDEO

Do you have a bachelor’s degree and thought about becoming a special education teacher? Do you have an interest in learning how to teach students to read? Project VIDEO could be for you! We have funding to provide $12,000 fellowships to well-qualified individuals seeking to become special education teachers or speech-language pathologists who will work in schools.

  • A Master’s Degree Program in Special Education Available at the University of Virginia

    Funded by the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP)

    The purpose of Project VIDEO (Virginia Intensification for Individuals with Dyslexia who need Explicitness and Ongoing Tiered Supports) is to collaboratively prepare special education teachers alongside speech-language pathologists (SLPs).  This project is funded by the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) within the U.S. Department of Education (Grant # H325K190048).  The successful completion of this project will contribute to OSEP Director Laurie VanderPloeg’s call to attract, prepare, and retain effective personnel in special education.   Like most states, Virginia (VA) has a critical shortage of certified special educators and SLPs; this shortage contributes to students with disabilities (SWD) experiencing among the worst academic outcomes of any student group (Virginia Department of Education, 2019). 

    Funded scholars in project VIDEO will either be enrolled in U.Va’s post-graduate masters of teaching program that leads to state licensure as a special educator (K-12), or U.Va’s communication disorders master’s degree program that leads to licensure as a SLP.  The scholars selected from among the two programs will complete their respective programs, but also share coursework and aligned practice-based opportunities in shared field experiences.  The two programs have separate application processes and requirements. 

    The first VIDEO scholars from special education will enroll in June of 2020 and complete their masters/licensure program in May of 2021 (11-month program).  The first VIDEO scholars in the SLP program will enroll in June of 2020 and graduate in December of 2022 (2.5-year program).  Subsequent scholars will follow the same sequence for the duration of project funding.  We aim to use project funds to support a total of 75 future professionals (15 professionals/year x 5 years) who serve VA students with dyslexia and other disabilities.  Each will receive a $12,000 fellowship to help address financial barriers to entering the field.  The fellowship will be applied directly to the student account.  Other fellowships, scholarships and awards are also available.  Scholars who accept funding from the federal government are expected to work with students with disabilities in schools for at two years for every one year they accept funding.  

    Questions?  Email Project Director Dr. Michael Kennedy at Apply today!  Co-Principal Investigators on the project are Dr. LaVae Hoffman, Dr. Lysandra Cook, and Dr. Emily Solari.

Project VIDEO Affiliated Faculty

Michael Kennedy

Project VIDEO Project Director Michael J. Kennedy is an Associate Professor of Special Education.

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LaVae Hoffman

Project VIDEO Co-Principal Investigator LaVae Hoffman is an Associate Professor of Speech Language Pathology.

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Lysandra Cook

Project VIDEO Co-Principal Investigator Lysandra Cook is an Associate Professor of Education.

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Emily Solari

Project VIDEO Co-Principal Investigator Emily Solari is a Professor of Reading Education.

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