Research in Education and Learning Lab

The Research in Education and Learning Lab at UVA, directed by Jamie Jirout, focuses on questions related to STEM learning and motivation from a cognitive developmental perspective. Current projects examine the development of curiosity, including how instructional practices influence curiosity, and how curiosity influences learning (participate now!). We also are interested in other intellectual character virtues, such as creativity and open-minded thinking. Another research area in the lab is children’s playful learning, especially how children learn from spatial play and the development of different play behaviors and beliefs about play and toys. We are part of the Educational Psychology-Applied Developmental Science program and the Center for Advanced Study of Teaching and Learning within the School of Education and Human Development.

  • Participate in a Study

    We would love to have your help in our research! We will post available opportunities for families to participate here, on the REAL Lab webpage, as well as on Facebook and Twitter (be sure to follow us!). Please check back regularly, as we often post new opportunities. We will send a $5 ‘thank you’ gift after your child participates. You can sign up by clicking the link for a study below (when available), which will take you to our scheduling tool. Once you’ve signed up, we will email you a consent form and information about how to participate. Thank you for being part of our research!

    Notice: We use Calendly to assist in our scheduling. The information you provide during scheduling is shared with Calendly and is subject to Calendly’s Privacy Policy.

  • Non UVA Faculty Affiliates
    • Sharon Zumbrunn (VCU)
  • Students

    Graduate Students

    • Mwatanna Barnett-Jefferson
    • Malina Carroll
    • Shoronda Matthews

    Undergraduate Students

    • Cait Hagan
    • Jamie Kang
    • Khin Kyaw
    • Keara Meyerson
    • Michelle Miller
    • Tara Srivastava
    • Claire Watson