The Phonological Awareness Literacy Screening (PALS) assessments include a battery that span early childhood through the early school years and its use is provided to all educators in Virginia public schools under a partnership grant between the University of Virginia/PALS Office and the Virginia Department of Education.

 The PALS-PreK assessment is used within publicly funded preschool classrooms to guide classroom support to children’s literacy development. This tool offers educators a point of information about young children’s learning that supports the transition from the early childhood education system to the K-12 system and entry into kindergarten.

The PALS-K and PALS 1-3 assessments are screening tools used across 131 of 132 school divisions in Virginia for the early detection of reading difficulties. Results from PALS-K and PALS 1-3 assessments bring visibility to children’s need for instructional support and intervention and guide the allocation of state intervention dollars for those children most at-risk, under the Early Intervention Reading Initiative (EIRI).

The PALS-K assessment is also used the literacy component of the Virginia Kindergarten Readiness Project (see more here).

The UVA PALS Office supports educators in administration, data-use, and access to additional resources, leading the data collection, data management, and data analysis across three assessment windows per year, preschool through third grade.

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