Math & Science Achievement Gaps for Minority Students

This research examines

  • The development of mathematics and science skills and the evolution of achievement gaps from 9 months through 8th grade.
  • the relationship between later math and science skills and earlier math and reading skills , measures of  early comprehension, motor, and socio-emotional skills and executive function, as well as earlier environmental characteristics.
  • Development of a theory of the evolution of achievement score gaps that incorporates the diverse factors that have been linked to achievement gaps in the literature

Data comes from the Early Childhood Longitudinal Survey of Beginning Kindergarteners (ECLS-K), a cohort of 21,000 entering kindergarten students in 1998-99 followed through eighth grade, and the  Early Childhood Longitudinal Survey (ECLS-B) of a birth cohort, a cohort of about 11,000 children born in 2001 and followed through kindergarten entrance to study.

Project Status: 2011

Funding Source: National Science Foundation

Principal Investigator: David Grissmer

Research Brief: New School Readiness Skills