Exercise and Sport Injury Laboratory

EASIL logo_412.jpgThe Exercise & Sport Injury Laboratory (EASIL), under the direction of Kinesiology faculty members Joe Hart, Jay Hertel, Jake Resch, and Sue Saliba provides research opportunities for faculty and graduate students in the masters and doctoral degree programs in Sports Medicine & Athletic Training at the University of Virginia.

Located in historic Memorial Gymnasium, EASIL consists of four distinct testing areas and includes state of the art equipment for the measurement on numerous aspects of human motion and neuromuscular performance. The lab houses measurement systems to assess strength, muscle activation, balance, motion, gait, joint laxity, functional performance, and neurocognitive function. Specific equipment includes, but is not limited to, a multimode dynamometer, an electromagnetic motion capture system, an instrumented treadmill with a camera-based motion capture system, numerous force plates, musculoskeletal ultrasound imaging units, surface electromyography systems, arthrometers, and numerous clinical and functional movement assessment tools.


EASIL Research Team

EASIL is directed by faculty members Joe Hart, Jay Hertel, Jake Resch and Sue Saliba