Design Lab (Ridley 300)

The Design Lab in the School of Education at the University of Virginia lives on the third floor of Ridley Hall. The purpose of the Design Lab is to support and encourage students, faculty, local educators, and non-profit organizations in their endeavors to design, create, experiment, and prototype with technology in education.

Current supplies range from simple craft materials to physical computing devices like robots and micro-controllers that are available to use in the lab itself or to check-out.  

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  • The Design Lab comes equipped with prototyping materials and resources open for students to use at any time.

  • The Design Lab has a variety of robotics and other physical computing devices that you can explore in the lab or reserve for use in your space.

    Design Lab hardware reserve
  • The Design Lab Playdates are a great way to explore the lab and connect with others. Playdates are free and open to all!

    Design Lab Playdates