CALM (Comprehensive Approach to Learning Mindfulness)/The CALM Teachers Study

Can teachers benefit from a “Comprehensive Approach to Learning Mindfulness”? The “CALM Teachers” study, funded by 1440 Foundation, aims to find out.

Tish Jennings, alongside colleague Mark Greenberg from Penn State University, are testing whether a short daily intervention involving yoga, somatic breathing, intention-setting and caring practices results in reduced psychological and physiological symptoms related to stress and burnout among school teachers.

The three-year pilot involves the development and delivery of a regular daily stress-reduction program to a sample of school teachers randomly assigned to receive the intervention during the first or second years (with a wait-list control group). Psychological and physiological assessments will be conducted pre-and post-intervention at a follow-up assessment during the fall of the second year.

This project is funded by the 1440 Foundation; Children, Youth, and Families Consortium

Stories: Town and Gown 'A CALMing Approach' (see p. 27-29)