The Contemplative Teaching and Learning Lab

The Contemplative Teaching and Learning (CTL) Lab applies the contemplative sciences to informing our understanding of life-span development and education.

We conduct research to explore how secular contemplative practices such as mindfulness and yoga may be adapted and applied to improve teaching and learning. We are currently working on two projects: Improving Classroom Learning Environments by Cultivating Awareness & Resilience in Education (CARE) and The CALM Teachers Study.

In addition to these projects, the Lab aims to conduct pilot studies to develop and test contemplative approaches to specific curricular, instructional & classroom management strategies.

The Curry Contemplative Teaching and Learning Lab collaborates with several other organizations within and without the University of Virginia. We are affiliated with the Contemplative Sciences Center at UVa and we collaborate with colleagues at Penn State University and Fordham University.

Prof. Jennings' TEDx Talk

Prof. Jennings speaks about the importance of teachers investing in mindfulness practices and the impact of those practices on teachers and their students.