Research Labs

Faculty, researchers and students come together to tackle some of society's greatest challenges in the School of Education and Human Development's research labs. Below you can read about our latest research in areas such as exercise physiology, autism, engineering design, literacy, youth violence and more.

  • Applied Metabolism & Physiology Laboratory

    The overall mission of the Applied Metabolism & Physiology Laboratory (AMP lab) is to study the pathophysiology of diseases affecting well-being such as obesity, cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, and diabetes.

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    The Consortium for the Advancement of Special Education Research works to advance open science in special education and related fields (a) conducting meta-research, (b) providing recommendations and resources, and (c) conducting and disseminating open research.

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  • CASTL-Higher Ed Lab

    The Center for Advanced Study of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (CASTL-HE) Lab studies the relationship between college teaching and pedagogy and student learning outcomes at the undergraduate, graduate, and professional level.

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  • Children’s Learning Clinic

    The Children’s Learning Clinic (CLC) is a scientist-practitioner training clinic located in the Sheila C. Johnson Center for Human Services. The CLC offers comprehensive, affordable, and evidence-based assessment and treatment services for children suspected of having attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and related difficulties.

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  • The Contemplative Teaching and Learning Lab

    The Contemplative Teaching and Learning (CTL) Lab applies the contemplative sciences to informing our understanding of life-span development and education.

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  • Diet and Nutrition (DAN) Laboratory

    Our mission is to investigate the effect of diet on health and learning outcomes, especially in children.

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  • EHD Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Research Group

    The EHD Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Research Group aims to conduct research that further clarifies our understanding of ASD and related interventions. In addition, the group strives to provide comprehensive and efficient diagnostic services via EHD Autism Spectrum Services (CASS), a multidisciplinary team within the Sheila Johnson Center for Human Services.

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  • EHD Design Initiative

    Our shared vision is to foster innovative approaches to authentic educational challenges and prepare graduates who can tackle real-world problems in various learning contexts.

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  • Engineering Design Initiative

    At the UVA School of Education and Human Development we believe engineering design engages students in solving authentic and relevant problems, making decisions in light of uncertainty, and developing criteria for their designs and understanding.

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  • Exercise and Sport Injury Laboratory

    The laboratory provides research opportunities for faculty and graduate students in the masters and doctoral degree programs in Sports Medicine/Athletic Training at the University of Virginia.

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  • Exercise Physiology Core Laboratory

    The Exercise Physiology Core Laboratory measures metabolic and hemodynamic responses to exercise and provides measures of body composition.

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  • Foundations of Cognition and Learning (FOCAL)

    The Foundations of Cognition and Learning (FOCAL) lab based at the University of Virginia’s Center for Advanced Study of Teaching and Learning (CASTL) studies the cognitive processes that underpin learning throughout the school years. The cognitive foundations that are central to our studies include motivation, executive function and self-regulation, sensorimotor and visuospatial processing, phonological skills, and general knowledge of the world.

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  • Imaging & Communication Outcomes (ICO) Lab

    The University of Virginia Imaging & Communication Outcomes Lab, under the direction of Kazlin Mason, PhD CCC-SLP, is dedicated to improving speech, resonance, and feeding outcomes for individuals born with craniofacial differences.

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  • Institutes on Academic Diversity

    The Institutes on Academic Diversity are professional development opportunities for teachers and administrators.

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  • Motivate Lab

    The Motivate Lab, directed by Chris Hulleman, develops and tests motivation interventions and assessments in academic, sport, work, and extracurricular settings. The mission of the Lab is to improve people's lives through rigorous and innovative motivation research. 

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  • Nudge4 Solutions Lab

    Nudge4's mission is to apply behavioral insights, data science, and interactive technologies to develop scalable solutions in education and public policy.

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  • PALS

    Early literacy screening is the key to providing effective literacy instruction and preventing future reading problems. The Phonological Awareness Literacy Screening (PALS) provides a comprehensive assessment of young children’s knowledge of the important literacy fundamentals that are predictive of future reading success. PALS is the state-provided screening tool for Virginia’s Early Intervention Reading Initiative (EIRI) and is used by 99% of school divisions in the state on a voluntary basis.

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  • Project Parallax

    Project Parallax is a collaborative effort between faculty at the University of Virginia and the Henry County Schools funded from the U.S. Department of Education. The grant is focused on using curriculum as the vehicle for talent recognition and development in elementary students. Our goals are to increase teacher’s STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) content knowledge and their capacity to provide appropriately challenging STEM instruction differentiated to meet the needs of gifted and talented students. Our curriculum uses Problem Based Learning infused with differentiation and dynamic media, to provide students opportunities to exhibit and extend their talent.

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  • Preventive Interventions Team: Collaborative Research on Engagement and Wellbeing (PIT CREW)

    The Preventive Interventions Team: Collaborative Research on Engagement and Wellbeing (PIT CREW) is a multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary research lab with a focus on prevention interventions that optimize implementation of evidence-based practices to improve behavior, classroom, and school experiences for youth and school personnel, and/or reduce risk for behavioral and mental health problems. Members of our team often collaboratively engage in research focused on one or more of the following topic areas or themes.  

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  • Reading and Academic Development Research Group

    The Reading and Academic Development Research Group examines reading and related areas of academic development across different groups of school-age children.

    Reading and Academic Development Research Group
  • READY Lab

    Relationships, Ecologies and Activities for Developing Youth (READY). We are interested in how settings and interactions can be optimized to best meet adolescents’ developmental needs.

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  • Research in Education and Learning (REAL) Lab

    The Research in Education and Learning Lab at UVA, directed by Jamie Jirout, focuses on questions related to STEM learning and motivation from a cognitive developmental perspective.

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  • Robert H. Tai Research Group

    The Robert H. Tai Research Group is a research team based at the School of Education and Human Development at the University of Virginia.

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  • SimLab

    In 2016, the University of Virginia School of Education and Human Development began a partnership with Mursion to utilize their mixed-reality simulation program that takes the form of virtual school spaces with student and adult avatars. The simulator is used to prepare students for work in K-12 settings and provides a unique opportunity for researchers to measure its effectiveness and impact.

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    Scholars on the STORMED Team conduct research related to the design, implementation, and experimental testing of multimedia-based interventions to support pre- and in-service teachers' knowledge and implementation of evidence-based practices on behalf of students with disabilities and others who struggle.

    Supporting Teachers through cOaching, obseRvations, and Multimedia to Educate students with Disabilities

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  • UVA Social Development Lab

    The UVA Social Development Lab, directed by Sara Rimm-Kaufman, addresses pressing questions in education science from an interdisciplinary perspective. Current projects examine how schooling and classroom experiences contribute to elementary school aged children’s social development and academic growth. The lab conducts collaborative work with the goal of providing a scientifically-based roadmap for educators making decisions for children.

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  • Young Women Leaders Program

    Co-sponsored by the University of Virginia’s Women’s Center and the UVA School of Education and Human Development, the Young Women Leaders Program (YWLP) is a voluntary mentoring program for seventh grade girls. With a focus on enhancing the qualities of competence, connection, and autonomy, the program has served over 1000 girls, supporting their leadership abilities, self-discovery, respect for diversity, healthy decision-making, and civic engagement.

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  • Youth Violence Project

    The Virginia Youth Violence Project studies effective methods for youth violence prevention and school safety.

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