Principal Strategies to Improve Teacher Effectiveness

Low student achievement persists in the face of numerous educational interventions. Principals have the unique opportunity to catalyze teacher improvement in their schools, which in turn can increase student success. Currently, though, we know little about the strategies principals employ to improve teacher effectiveness in their schools. This study explores how principals implement four specific policies (performance evaluation, professional learning, tenure, and mentoring) to realize improved teacher effectiveness and alter the composition of teachers in their school. We analyze detailed administrative data on New York City principals, teachers, and students coupled with surveys of principals and teachers working in New York City schools. While these findings are immediately relevant to NYCDOE’s efforts to improve principal and teacher effectiveness, virtually every school district grapples with how best to assess teacher effectiveness and support instructional improvement. Ultimately, this research is also aimed at designing high-quality principal preparation that provides school leaders with evidence-based strategies to promote effective teaching and learning.

Associated Faculty

Non-UVA Faculty:

Susanna Loeb, Barnett Family Professor of Education, Stanford University