Research Projects

EdPolicyWorks is a joint collaboration between the School of Education and Human Development and the Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy, which seeks to bring together researchers from across the University of Virginia and the State to focus on important questions of educational policy and implications for the workforce.  We envision that educational policy and workforce competitiveness encompass a broad range of issues and will seek to develop a diverse portfolio of research projects and disciplinary perspectives on these issues.

Interdisciplinary research is necessary to inform education leaders on many important policy issues, including: access and retention of underprivileged populations in higher education; the effect of education on the productivity of the workforce, the impact of various accountability systems; teacher quality and supply; and the design of an effective system of pre-kindergarten education.  Connecting serious research inquiry in these areas with a platform for exchange among policy leaders is critical in order to promote sustained and fundamental increases in the effectiveness and equity of education policies.