Teaching Together: A Multimedia School-Home Intervention

The purpose of this project is to develop Read It Again–Together!, a curriculum that will provide targeted (Tier 2) language and literacy instruction to preschoolers who are not responding to universal Tier 1 instruction. The Tier 2 intervention builds on an existing, Tier 1 language and literacy supplementary curriculum,Read It Again-PreK!, which has been evaluated in IES funded studies. Children's language and literacy skills are related to later reading achievement and success in school. Existing intervention models have primarily focused on developing and implementing universal, core curricula to improve preschoolers' language and literacy skills, but some of these interventions are not effective for students who begin preschool with very low literacy skills. Differentiated instruction that provides individualized levels of increasing support based on children's assessed needs is one way to address the needs of a subgroup of children with very weak language and literacy skills. The proposed project seeks to address these problems by augmenting an evidence-based, Tier 1 curriculum with an aligned Tier 2 curriculum that includes school and home learning activities.

Project Status: July 2015 - June 2018

Funding Source: Institute of Education Sciences

Principal Investigator: Tricia Zucker, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

Co-Principal Investigators/partners: Sonia Cabell, Jamie DeCoster (University of Virginia), Maria Carlo, Susan Landry ( University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston)