Learning About Teacher-Student Interactions (LATSI)

Our aim is to develop a multi-informant set of assessment tools that build strategically from the strengths of the theory-driven, validated, and widely used Classroom Assessment Scoring System™ (CLASS) observations. We are currently developing two measures that will complement these observations:  the LATSI Informant Report (IR) and LATSI Student Report (SR) survey instruments.  The LATSI Informant Report offers the opportunity for an informed observer, such as a principal, to assess teacher-student interactions based on multiple routine observations. The LATSI Student Report provides upper elementary aged students the opportunity to rate the quality of their classroom interactions with teachers.  Both instruments are designed for large-scale, low-cost applied research applications and are aligned with the 3-factor CLASS framework.

Project Status: Active through 2012

Funding Sources: W.T. Grant and Spencer Foundations

Principal Investigator: Jason Downer